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We invite you to participate in the numerous activities, programs, and experiences our resort provides.

The following activities are available on an a la carté basis, or you can upgrade your stay to an all-inclusive spa package that includes: all meals, fitness classes, hikes, treatments, and workshops. Contact the Front Desk for more information. Classes and hikes must be prepaid at the Front Desk before participation.

*Prices do not include 18% tax and resort fees. 


Breakfast: $20
Lunch & Dinner: Not available a la carté unless a meal plan is purchased for $70 /day /person which inclused all 3 meals.

Visit our dining page for a complete menu.
Make reservations at the Front Desk.
Reservations required at least 1 hour before meal times. 


$120 per hike. Sign up required the evening before the hike.
Light Trail Hikes: Consists of relatively level terrain with easy access and minimal impact and physical exertion. Designed to help guests increase their fitness level and for those on limited calorie diets.
Trail Hikes: Consists of relatively level terrain with easy access and minimal impact and physical exertion.
Fitness Hikes: Covers less mileage and generally doesn’t traverse terrain that requires difficult footwork. They do, however, cover areas with steep slopes that require a certain degree of general physical fitness.
Technical Hikes: Generally exceeds six miles and consist of rugged topography with steep inclines requiring a relatively high level of fitness and technical abilities.

Room Add-ons

(4) Chocolate Covered Strawberries: $20
Wine - Red or White: $35 
Champagne: $35 
Cheese Platter: $35 
Fruit Platter: $20

Flower Bouquet: $30 
*We will need at least 48 hours’ notice for this option.

Bath Lover’s Set: $47 Includes: Set of 7 Fairy Dust Bath Salts, 4 oz. Honey Butter Body Scrub

Queen for a Day: $44 Cleopatra’s Body Care Collection which includes: 2 oz. Indigo Body Cream, 4 oz. Pearl Scrub, 4 oz. Cleopatra’s Bath Soak, and 2 oz. Cinnamon Ashes cleansing grains

King for a Day: $29 Includes: Dinosaur Sea Salt Muscle Soak, 1 oz. Muscle Balm Heat Rub, 1 oz. Peppermint Hand and Foot Balm

Green Valley Spa’s Signature Skin Care Collection: $152 Collection Includes: 4 oz. Radiance Body Moisturizer, 4 oz. Clarity Face Moisturizer, 4 oz. Red Sand Exfoliator, 4 oz. Ashes Cleansing Grains, 4 oz. Honey Dew Firming Serum, and 4 oz. Breeze Skin Freshener

Romance Kit: $37 Includes: Lomi Lomi Massage Oil, Attraction Bath Salt, 100% All Natural Beeswax Candle



Most 50 Minute Treatments: $120
(See the Treatment Center for a full menu of services) We provide over 50 treatments, including:
• Deep tissue and soft touch massage.
• Energetic Therapies: Cranial Sacral, Touch for Health.
• Vibrational Medicine: Light, Color, and Scent Therapy.
• Signature Treatments: Rapunzel’s Hair and Scalp Treatment, Crushed Pearl Body Scrub, Mud Wrap. 
• Facials: Non-surgical Face Lift--naturally of course.
• Modern Medicine Meets Medicine Man: Native American Vision Journey, Tibetan Bowl, Sound Concert,  and Marcel Vogel’s Light Therapy.


$30 per class. See daily class schedule at Front Desk
Absolute Abs: Build strength in the abdominals, core, and back.
Aquacise: Get fit and stay fit in an ideal environment for exercise.  The natural buoyancy of water that reduces weight-bearing stress, allowing a greater ease of movement with less strain on bones, joints and muscles.
Boot Camp: Lose body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength, and develop a routine of regular exercise with this unique method of training that combines running, interval training, and light weight and body weight exercises.
Cardio Circuit: aerobic exercise combined with weight bearing intervals designed to keep your heart rate up during the entire class.
Spa Tennis: Have fun and exercise on our air cooled indoor courts during our hot weather.  Classes directed to your level of play with instruction and drills.  Rackets provide if needed. Check in at Clubhouse. Private lessons available.
Kick Boxing: Prepare yourself for whatever punches life throws your way with this cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks designed to get you on your way leaner body and healthier state of mind.
Pilates: Learn how to use your mind to control your muscles in this conditioning routine that builds flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination in the legs, abdominals, arms and back.
Spin: Take your cardio endurance, strength, intensity and recovery to a new level using our Reebok Stationary Spin bikes in a class environment set to fast-paced, action packed music.
Tread: Climb hills, walk through valleys, and sprint to the finish, all in the comfort of our fitness studio with the motivation and guidance of a group instructor and the inspiration of up-beat music.
Tai Chi: Sometimes described as “meditation in motion” because it promotes serenity through gentle movements — connecting the mind and body. A graceful form of exercise that’s used to reduce stress and improve strength and coordination.
Try-A-Tri: miniature triathlon with a 16 lap swim, 6 mile bike ride, and a 1.5 mile run.
TRX: TRX suspension training is a new approach to excersize that leverages ones own body weight and the force of gravity and it designed to develope strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and core stability all simultaneously.  The system utilizes a systems of straps, buckles and hand grips, that allows the user to work against their own body weight.
Yoga:  Experience the wonderful physical and emotional benefits that result from the slow stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques that allow you to clear your mind, focus your attention inward and connect with your body.
Zumba: Combines high energy and motivating music with fun and unique moves and combinations!  Zumba is a fusion of international music and dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system. 


$30 per class.
Sunday: Photography workshop with Tyler Webb. Learn to take great photos with your digital camera.
Monday: Overall Health and Ftness with Marium Kroft. Maximize your time and efforts with a personalized approach to nutrition and exercise.
Tuesday: Psychology of Change - “Under Construction”, with Dr. Sid Young. Understanding of the connective states of thought, emotions, mood, and behavior.
Wednesday: 4:00 – 6:00 pm, Yoga on the Red Rocks
Thursday: Secrets of the Senses, with Lara Wright. Learn about color and scent therapy – to change your mood and improve your life.
Friday: The Art of Balance and Movement, with Marc Hansen. Experience unusual techniques to maximize the efficiency of movement and balance.


$30 per class. See schedule of activities at the Front Desk. 
Cooking Classes: Learn to cook healthy and delicious meals.
Fitness and Nutrition Classes: Learn valuable information about healthy food and fitness choices to maximize your weight loss and overall health. 
Centering Hour, 1:00 pm Mon-Fri
Monday: Meditation for the Mind, with Janice Brooks.
Tuesday: Sound Meditation with Donelle DeMarquesa.
Wednesday: Soul Healing Plants with Robin McLall.
Thursday: Heartbeat Meditation with Gwen Moon.
Friday: Senses of the Season with Robin McLall.
World Peace Gardens: A non-sectarian gathering promoting inner peace (Free).


Private Hiking: $65 per hour.  3 hour min/per person/hour (starting  rate). Additional person/$25 per hour
Rock Climbing Programs: call 435-673-1709 for pricing
50 Minute Personal Training Session:  $120
Pilates (mat or reformer), yoga, strength training.
PGA Certified Golf Instruction
3 Day golf Learning Program:  $225
60 Minute Private Golf Lesson:  $80
CourtThink Tennis Camps
2 & 3 Day CourtThink TennisCamp:  $170 per day
60 Minute Private Tennis Lesson:  $75
hCG Fast Track Weight Loss Program $495
              When added to an all-inclusive spa package
Stress Recovery Program $995
              When added to an all-inclusive spa package
Discover Your Senses Retreat $995
              When added to an all-inclusive spa package
Health and Fitness Assessment $120
Body Structure $120
Emotional Counseling, Dr. Sid Young, Ph.D. (50 min) $150
Private Meditation Guidance $120
Heart Centered Counseling, with Jonelle Reynolds $120
Career and Life Coaching, with Janice Brooks $120
Body Structure Consultation $120
Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care $120


OUTDOOR ADVENTURES – Call front desk for pricing and appointments
8:00 Zion National Park with Paragon
or Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday
8:00-6:00 Guided interpretive hike, gourmet trailside lunch, and complimentary photo CD.
8:00-11:00 Green Valley Quest/Mon. by appointment
1 mile desert hike, 2 rock climbs, 3 rappels, 600’ foot zip line. Free photo CD.
8:00-12:00 Green Valley Canyoneering/Wed. by appointment
Descend a water carved slot canyon via rappelling,  scrambling, and hiking. Includes free CD of  your experience.
8:00-11:00 Mountain Biking/Sat. by appointment.
8:00-12:00 Green Valley Challenge/Fri. by appointment
3 mile back country hike, 3-5 rock climbs, 2-3 rappels, slot canyon, climb through an arch, 400  foot zip line petroglyphs, pictographs, lunch in an alcove. Free photo CD.


EQUINE EXPERIENCES WITH WIND HORSE RELATIONS – Call front desk for pricing and appointments
Meet The Mustangs/Private Sessions. By appointment only.
9:30-3:00 Meet the Mustangs/Intensive
Authentic communication. By appointment only.
9:30-3:00 Meet the Mustangs/Intensive
Leadership through Empowerment. By appointment only.

Get Fit Today!  1-800-237-1068