Discover the Magic of Red Rock Country

Having specialized in hiking adventures for 20 years,Green Valley offers one of the top hiking programs in the world, traversing one of the world’s most spectacular natural settings. Our daily morning hikes regularly consist of excursions to Zion National Park (specific days), Snow Canyon, Padre Canyon, Silver Reef and many other magical areas within southern Utah's famed red rock country.

March to Your Own Beat

Green Valley’s hiking program is tailored to three different fitness categories: Trail, Fitness and Strenuous hikes – all selected for their beauty, interest and accessibility. Our veteran guides have deep knowledge of the topography, flora, fauna, and natural history of the area, and take pride in making each hike a journey of exhilaration and discovery.

Strenuous Hikes

Generally exceed six miles and consist of rugged topography with steep inclines requiring a relatively high level of fitness. Strenuous hikes usually take at least four hours and generally don't return to the spa until noon.

Fitness Hikes

Covers less mileage and generally doesn't traverse terrain that requires difficult footwork. They DO, however, cover areas with steep slopes that require a certain degree of general physical fitness. "Fitness hikes" take around two hours to complete.

Trail Hikes

Consist of relatively level terrain with easy access and minimal impact and physical exertion. They generally last about an hour.

Private Hikes

We also offer private hikes for guests who prefer to hike at their own speed or spend more time taking in the beautiful deserts and canyons of southern Utah.

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