Dear Frances,
You have brought a real elegance to the Green Valley dining experience. Beyond the really exceptional food (and it is exceptional) is the personal touch. What you bring for the dining room is a sense that meeting the guest's needs and wants is paramount. And you do so without conveying any sense that it is a chore. To the contrary, you manage to offer an individualized menu and a sense of caring what the guest wants as if it is your pleasure to do so.
You should know that your commitment to excellence does not go unnoticed. Green Valley is a place of “people-caring” people and you fit right in. Thank you, friend, for such a wonderful epicurean experience.
—E. & S.

I just wanted to thank you for all the special attention you have given us during our stay. The food was outstanding and several of the dishes (buffalo chili, caramelized onions, veal chops) were especially memorable.
We are looking forward to seeing you again in the fall.

To the Green Valley Spa Team!
A special thank you goes out to Frances and her talented team as well as the wonderful wait staff and all of you magical folks in the spa that could make our tired bodies feel so peaceful and ready for a whole new day of adventure. The excellent food, location, and company have made this a fabulous visit and I look forward to many more.
Thanks Everyone!

Dear Francesca,
Thanks you so much for the incredible food and wonderful service and explanations and teaching. Thanks mostly for the great relationship we developed and for being you. You are a delight and a special person.
We can't wait to see you again soon.
—A. & L. G.

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your attention and efforts is making our meals delicious and refreshing. Your attention to detail and concern for each of us was outstanding – I hope to see you again.
—L. H.

Dear Frances,
Thank you for your wonderful meals while I was here on the hCG. I could not have succeeded without you!
Also thank you for your loving support and encouragement.
You are very special!

Dear Frances
Thank you so much for all the amazing hCG meals you prepared for me during my time at Green Valley – your passion for cooking and the love you put in to making the meals every day was amazing! I am looking forward to the release of your cook book!

Going on a diet has never been an easy or enjoyable task for me. I must admit that prior to my arrival I was worried about the food. Even when I was informed that the spa tried to use organic products I thought it would only extend to a few items. I was completely amazed to find that even the fruits were organic. I purchase only organic products so I am aware they are sometimes more expensive. I have to commend you for providing us with a variety and the best food available.
It wasn't until after I tasted what Francis could do with so few calories that I was amazed. She is a true gem… she even worked her day off!! She is tireless in her efforts to ensure that everything is perfect. I must say that during my stay she certainly made that happened. There is a saying that your diet is 80% of the battle in getting fit. While that is true, if the food is not satisfying or does not taste good I have a hard time being successful. Thanks to Francis I know that I can follow the program if I can manage to cook like she does. Not an easy feat, however, she has provided me some of the tools to do so.
I will definitely return to Green Valley if for no other reason than to have Francis cook me a great meal!!
—L. B.