Treatment Center

We all long to discover a place where the images in our mind and the dreams in our heart can come true.
—Carole Coombs

Our treatment center is a haven free of the worrisome decisions and admonitions that plague us all in today's uncertain world. So whenever you find yourself feeling listless and tired, overworked, maybe even a little out of sorts — come and be our guest. Here we provide a place where you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of every day life and simply rest. As the muscles and mind take a vacation, you will move into a quiet place within where resolution and peace come directly from the heart.

Our therapeutic services are designed to elevate physical fitness, increase emotional stamina, and accelerate mental adeptness–simply said, to revitalize the body and activate the mind.

We offer preventative therapies for maintenance of health and stamina as well as treatments for emerging and chronic conditions that prevent optimum performance and enjoyment of life. Holistic in nature, they serve to compliment conventional medicine and/or provide an alternative to pharmaceutical–based therapies.

These non-medical therapies are called often holistic, referring to certain modalities that aim to treat the whole person on all three basic levels of human activity–physical, emotional, mental, and to reach for the high realm — a conscious connection to spirit. Much of what appears nowadays as disability or disease pertains to problems at one or all of the areas of activity. So, an ideal treatment might include something above or beyond any of these isolated areas and involve healing inclusive of all our various selves or parts. In today's world, holistic therapies are sometimes incorporated into more mainstream practices, currently called “integrative medicine.”

We all long for a lean, healthy body, a clear productive mind, and a heart filled with satisfaction and delight. Our intent is to provide extra-ordinary resources for fulfilling your fondest dreams.