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The Golf Performance Studio at Green Valley Spa
"Better Technology + Better Practice = Better Results”

The Golf Performance Studio prides itself on working with every skill level. Whether you are just starting out, need to correct a swing flaw or just need to tweek your game to get you to the next handicap level, we can help! Our experienced PGA Golf Professionals have the resources and experience to make a dramatic impact on your game.

Our instruction focuses on the basic fundamentals of the motion of a swing and understanding that there is not just one way to swing a club. Whatever you bring to the table we will work with you to maximize your skills. We break it down into simple understandable terms and show you through our video and computer analysis all the things you are doing right and exactly where your challenges lie.

We believe that through our methods of drills, reinforcement and our successful teaching approach, there is nobody we can not teach.

We offer video/computer analysis for full swings of drivers, woods, hybrids, irons and for pitching & chipping as well as putting on our indoor putting green. We offer practice programs over days, weeks and months to make changes that are permanent. We can create specialized clinics for a group learning environment or provide a series of lessons to individuals, families, corporation or events.

This year we added to our 6 indoor hitting bays, video and computer analyzation software and the latest in hi-tech teaching equipment, the same the pros use; like a motion sensor vest that measures torso/trunk rotation in 3D animation, a portable launch monitor that measures ball speed and accurate distances to plus or minus 1 to 2 yards viewed on your iPad or iPhone. Our new golf simulator projects your golf shots on well known courses onto a large HD television. After the shot, it shows your true club path, clubhead speed, swing tempo, face angle at impact, swing tempo, face contact and the distance the golf shot, all done comfortably indoors at 73 degrees with no inclement weather or wind.

Top level instruction from experienced golf professionals is what you would expect at Green Valley Resort & Spa. The Golf Performance Studio takes teaching to the next level, why shouldn’t your game go there too!

Golf Staff Bios

ROB KRIEGER - PGA Director of Instruction
Rob is a native of Cleveland, OH and has 29 years of golf instruction experience and is a Class “A” Member of the PGA of America. He started playing golf at the age of 6 and began assisting with instruction when he was just 16 years old.He has played competitively in high school, on the Florida mini tours in Orlando and in local PGA Section events.

He is a very accomplished teacher and has taught the game of golf to thousands of students over the years. He has trained the spectrum from beginners to professionals and from juniors to seniors. There has not been anybody he has not been able to teach. He has taught community recreation golf classes and has worked with local community colleges and a variety of municipalities since 1985. He was also the golf coach for Lake Erie College in Ohio and worked under Gregor Jamieson – “Top 100 Teacher” at Lake Nona in Orlando, FL, for 3 winters which was also the headquarters for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy.

In December 2012, he will become Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified for fitness and nutrition.

He has been very fortunate to work at some of best facilities in country and they include: Kirtland CC – Top 20 Courses in Ohio - Kirtland, OH, Sand Ridge GC - #55 Best Courses in America – Cleveland, OH, Lake Nona GC - #30 Best in Florida – Orlando, FL, Forest Oaks CC – Hosted PGA Tour for 30 years – Greensboro, NC, Conestoga GC - #5 Best in Nevada – Mesquite, NV. Rob also worked for the largest golf management company in the world, Troon Golf as the Director of Golf at two of their facilities after receiving his MBA degree.

JOHN LAGANT - PGA Teaching Professional
John is a native of Murray, UT and spent a great deal of time in Utah growing up in Salt Lake. He has 37 years of golf instruction experience and is a Class “A” Member of the PGA of America. He started playing golf at the age of 12 and began his PGA career at the age of 22.He is a very accomplished teacher and has experience in all facet of the golf business. In 1968, John was hired in St. George as the Head Professional of Dixie Red Hills Golf Course. In 1971, he designed and built here in town the Lava Hills Golf Course now known as the Southgate Golf Course. In 1987, John left the area to be the Head Professional at Kendrick Municipal Golf Course in Sheridan, WY. But missing the great climate and people of St. George he returned in 1997, to focus solely on being a full time teaching professional. In 1998, he was asked by Allen Coombs, owner of Green Valley Spa to help in the development of the Green Valley Golf Learning Center and be his Director of Instruction. He has graciously agreed to stay on as we revamp the GVGLC to the new Golf Performance Studio as we add the latest in teaching technology to better assist in a player’s development and performance.

John’s knowledge and expertise in the game of golf, Utah and St. George is invaluable. He not only has shared his successful teaching methods with many students over the years but has trained other professionals in the golf business including PGA Champions Tour Player Jay Don Blake.

Golf Swing Technology & Biomechanics

The Golf Performance Studio uses the latest in technology to help a player improve their game. We use video and computer analysis so you can see what your instructor sees. We put motion sensors on your body to determine the positions of the body at key positions and determine the body's sequencing and efficiency to maxamize speed and distance. We accurately determine ball speed and distance using the portable launch monitor so when you get back on the course, you know which clubs go how far. Then you are able to train using the sensors to make your practice more effective with real time feedback.

The K-VEST Advantage
The K-Vest sensors measure Torso and Hip rotation and are capture through the 3D animation software at an astonishing 180 frames per second. Your eyes see things at 15 frames per second and most video cameras are at 60 frames per second but K-Vest sensors show what our eyes and video can’t see. We take the data and break it down to simple terms to get you the right prescription for your swing.

Then can you imagine practicing drills with the sensors on your body and seeing it in 3D visual animation along with a synchronized video to begin learning the proper feel over and over until you do it correctly and it’s comfortable? That’s why the Golf Performance Studio is different. The 3D animation changes from red to green when you achieve the proper position. Then we add an audible tone when in correct position. We train students by all three methods of visual, audio and kinesthetic (movement). The guess work is taken out of practice and better practice creates better results.

ES-12 Launch Monitor
An innovative tool engineered to enhance your golf game, the ES12 Portable Launch Monitor is an incredibly accurate and reliable golf performance solution for players of all abilities.You can practice in our indoor facility and know exactly how far you hit a shot and calibrate yourself before your next game. The data even connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth for tracking your workout and storing the data to bring up on the course. Get your timing and speed down in our climate controlled environment so when you go on the course the only thing left to do is swing the right club. Start playing like the pros and build your confidence knowing the ball is going to go you practiced.

V1 Video Playback
Are you slicing or losing distance to you playing partners? We can video tape your swing either with our cameras and computers or simply with our iPhone or iPad. We show it back to you within seconds and you can see what your swing is doing. Don’t be surprised if it is not what you expected. We use that information to help you train better and make the necessary corrections. We can use the same technology to video you as you practice or work on swing drills. Real feedback, in real time. We help take the speculation out of the swing and coach you through the necessary changes to make it happen faster.

TPI Fitness
What is TPI? TPI is the Titleist Performance Institute and the program was designed to focus on golf specific health, fitness and golf swing biomechanics from the leading experts in the game of golf. By taking a series of simply body movement screens, we evaluate your body’s ability to have movement, stability, strength and flexibility. By assessing these screens, we can better design drills, exercises and programs tailored to meet your own abilities to reduce injuries and improve playing performance. Man or women, child or adult, high handicap or low, golfer, tennis or baseball player, your body will tell us about your potential swing challenges even before you take one swing.

As a golf instructor for over 20 years, TPI showed me why some people perform better than others. This information is critical for improvement, unless you like wearing a lot of band aids.

Optishot Golf Simulator
In an indoor studio, players still want to be able to see golf shots and get data on their golf swing. The Optishot Golf Simulator let's players practice and play on real life courses and situations with visual feedback on each shot. Optishot also provides data on club head speed, face angle, contact at impact, golf club swing path, swing tempo & golf shot distance. All without ever having to worry about going to look for your ball or have to buy more.

Golf Program & Rates

The New Golf Performance Studio at Green Valley Resort & Spa is designed to use the latest in technology to advance a players performance. We use video and computer analysis, motion sensor real time swing biofeedback and a launch monitor to evaluate your swing. We will determine your strengths and weakness and prescribe the best path to improvement. We coach you through the process by using the same hi-tech equipment the pros use. In order to grow the game, Juniors receive a 15% discount on all rates.

“Better Technology + Better Practice = Better Results”

Standard Golf Lessons
An individual 45-60 minute golf lesson that can include full swing, putting, pitching, woods, etc. based on student preference or instructor evaluation. The use of video and swing analyzation software most likely will be used to aid in teaching process.

K-Vest 3D Performance Assessment
Using the latest in swing motion technology, the K-Vest assessment evaluates the torso and trunk rotation during the swing for range of motion and synchronization of body parts with the swinging of the golf club. Computer and video can only show so much but K-Vest allows you to see in 3D your actual degrees of movement and tilt of the body quantifying both your swings strengths and weaknesses. Then our professional staff provides the necessary and correct drills to assist you in your improvement.

K-Vest Training Packages
The following lesson prices and practice packages are conducted with our PGA Professionals here in our indoor studio at Green Valley. Lesson and programs will be personalized to meet your needs and to take full advantage of your abilities and our expertise.

18% tax and resort fees are not included in the above rate. Lessons, Evaluations and Assessments will run 45-60 minutes. Pass Holders are charged $50/ year.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the services the Studio provides. We are willing to tailor a lesson program to meet the needs of you or your group. We look forward to working with you and helping to achieve your goals.

The Golf Performance Studio at the Green Valley Spa

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