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National Park Hiking

To attempt to describe Zion National park in a paragraph is sheer folly. The main canyon contains the tallest sandstone cliffs on earth. The canyon brims with water that literally flows out of the cliff faces and creates some of the worlds most extensive hanging gardens.To begin to understand this place it is necessary to immerse yourself in its grandeur and moods, and exert yourself to grasp its breadth and scale.Zion is a vast and varied place as different as wet moss and brittle stone. Delicate wildflowers sprout from iron hard rock faces in canyons briefly touched by directly sunlight. Begging chipmunks and regal mountain lions share space with mule deer and wild turkeys. Light plays on cliff faces and is dappled through so many trees that you forget that this is supposed to be a desert. We offer three weekly expert tours through the stunning beauty of Zion National Park, available through reserved excursions.

  • Fee applies. Ask your reservationist for details
  • Lunch is provided for each person.
  • Schedule is subject to National Park seasonal schedules.