Outdoor Activities

Hiking - Discover the Magic of Red Rock Country

Traverse one of the world’s most spectacular natural settings. Our daily morning hikes regularly consist of excursions through the magical areas within southern Utah's famed red rock country.

Rock Climbing

We’re pros … so you don’t have to be. Our guides are experienced in helping all levels of climbers, including first-timers. Don’t be afraid to push yourself to new heights: We’ll be there to make sure you come back down to earth – safe and sound.

National Park Hiking

We offer three weekly expert tours through the stunning beauty of Zion National Park.

Zip Line Adventures

Are you one of those people who prefers a “rush” to a leisurely hike? Zip line adventures includes a Strenuous level hike combined with rappelling and zip lining for a truly exhilarating, often transformative experience.

Mountain Biking

Hundreds of miles. Two wheels. One spectacular ride. Mountain biking is a fantastic way to experience the high desert backcountry, as you tear through miles and miles of off-road trails, through breathtaking glens and slickrock hills.

Meet the Mustangs

Learn from these powerful animals trust, confidence, independence, and how to live in the moment. Windhorse Relations offers a unique opportunity to interact with these magnificent wild horses and discover how to turn fear into curiosity as they teach you how to create willing relationships

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