Our chefs are extremely attentive to detail

Tadd Gunther & Jackie Pearson


Our two chefs have a combined cumulative experience of 39 years of professional food service. This includes an AOS degree from the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef Certification in the American Culinary Federation, Certification with Dietary Manager's Association, HACCP Certification, A Westin Hotel externship, participation in the Culinary Arts Delegation to Europe, and years of Varied restaurant and hotel service. This team really stays on the cutting edge of the culinary trends. Also just returned from the Greystone Culinary Institute in St. Helena California - where a special course on Asian Vegetarian foods has opened the doors to new and exciting entrees.

At the same time they are remaining firmly grounded in the philosophy of sound nutrition, serving low fat foods infused with flavor through fresh herbs, vinegars and juices, and special essences.