A color is not just a visual concept or image - it is a wavelength, a frequency, a pattern, activity or motion.  Not only our sight, but other senses as well, are enlivened by various motions or frequencies when we smell, taste, hear and feel.
When we identify a certain aroma, for instance, or a particular taste sensation, our response is similar to the motion that occurs within our cells when we look at a certain color.
So, when we call our products by a color name, we are referring to the elemental qualities inherent to a particular
frequency or pattern of motion -- an inner motion that initiates a certain

conscious state or way of seeing or moving -- an we call those different states "modes of human endeavor" or "parts of ourselves", such as thinking, reflecting, acting or praying.

Each color has a distinct effect on the senses which is felt at the physical, mental, and emotional level. For instance, red creates a feeling of warmth, safety, and tenderness; Blue a feeling of lightness, clarity and peace.

As the senses quicken in response to the qualities in each color, we simply feel more complete, and begin to notice images, patterns, thoughts, and ideas in the course of our daily lives that enrich, enlighten and bring resolution to that which we have felt before.


Green - To prepare for a busy day or a lively evening.  It folds into a place of rest, energizes tired muscles, clears the mind, and revives the spirit.  To move freely from day to day without worry or resistance.
Blue - For moments of discouragement or trial.  Moves through the shadows within, lighting the heart with resolution, tranquility, and inner strength.  To meet the day without regret or unworthy feelings.
Indigo - For sound peaceful sleep.  Leaves behind those worrisome daily cares and journeys to distant place where visions are found and dreams are remembered.  To alleviate restless, sleepless nights.
Violet - To move above the simple solutions of life.  For artistic endeavors.  Rise to a place where the intuitive sense of rightness is clear.  To elevate the spiritual content of life.
Red - For a romantic evening, to enliven the senses and turn the heart toward magical moments of affection and delight.  To move freely through life's difficult changes.
Orange - For a party to celebrate life's special moments.  To arouse warm, friendly feelings and bridge the space that holds us apart from others.  To cleanse away the heartache of hurtful words.
Yellow - To smooth away troublesome thoughts and mental confusion.  To pull the past out into the light of the day where new possibilities and hope appear.  To make wise decisions

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