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flower remedy
consultation and treatment

flower essences are water which has been charged with a particular frequency of energy. Each flower essence has a specific vibration pattern which assists the body in establishing homeostasis. In your consultation, you will learn how to choose your own specific combination of flower essences which will assist you in balancing your body, mind, and emotions.

the body code consultation
If you are frustrated about diet and exercise, come learn about your body type and the corresponding exercise/nutritional approach that will work for you.

First, we determine your physical body type. Next, a detailed body composition analysis. Then, a complete nutritional plan best suited for your metabolism.
Price: $115.00/50 minutes

Director Jay Cooper's expertise spans 20 years and 13,000 clients. He has assisted them with healing and perfecting their own natural body style. His results are astounding as attested to by many of our past guests. Author of the Body Code book, recently published by Pocket Books.

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relaxation center | services offered and descriptions | spa shop