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Meet The Mustangs

Where Heart Meets Horse – Windhorse Relations

Mustangs, the American wild horses, are survivors, yet they are peaceful, loving animals. They teach how to empower yourself and to survive the addictions in our society by becoming the creative leader of your own life.

Wild horses are the "land dolphins" of healing the heart, spirit, and body. A Windhorse Mustang will choose you and guide you into a space of unconditional love, insight and renewed vision. As you create a willing relationship with your Windhorse partner, inner woundings will heal and a new perspective and wholeness will emerge.

No equine experience is needed, only a willingness to join in a powerful, spiritual journey with a Windhorse Mustand, facilitated by Mary Lee Brighton, Marica Thayne, and Pam Russo.

The seminars follow the same patern Mary Lee uses in gentling and teaching American wild horses as they transform into Windhorse teachers. By "Creating a Willing Relationship you will:

• Set a clear intention from the heart.
• Be an observer and learn to read the mustangs's non-verbal language.
• Create a safe environment for communication.
• Allow a horse to choose to be with you.
• Establish respect and leadership.
• Follow the energy of what is presented in the moment.
• Create and adjust.
• Learn the power of intention.
• Build resiliency by transforming fear into trust and confidence.
• Enjoy feeling connected, peace, love, and being in the moment.

Mary Lee transforms these fearful, powerful mustangs into Windhorse teachers through a process guided by the intention to "Create a Willing Relationship" and using a technique she calls "Working the Edge," which shifts fear into curiosity and opens the door to trust, confidence, and self-revelation.

Each session is unique. The chemistry of the person's energy combined with their Windhorse partner creates a special. personal experience that passes all understanding.

Mary Lee has focused over ten years and a life time as a student, horsewoman and teacher to create this experience.

M.E.E.T. the Mustangs programs afford the opportunity to discover oneself outside of the labels, expectations, or limitations imposed by previous membership in primary or secondary groups. Autonomy, individuation, differentiation, separation and self-realization are a part of any transition experience. The journeys from childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adulthood, parenthood to empty nester, employed to retired, single to married, married to single, retired to twilight call all be a joyous adventure rather than a cycle of rebellion, self destruction, or self deprecation.

Our programs can be particularly important for adolescents. They provide the essential component of a safe, outside place without any ego investment in the paths one chooses, that produces resilience. The individual has the opportunity to try on new selves that represent their individuality. Thus, there is no need for rebellion against the status quo that is sometimes the only option teens think the have for the vital and healthy individuation and differentiation needed for successful launching. Our mustangs provide safe, wise and courageous mentoring and mirroring. Let them reflect your wisdom and goodness. They are trustworthy confidants for the private, inner struggles teens face today.

In our programs there are no labels, expectations or preconceived notions of the individual which restrict the adventures that enhace our life experiences and build life lessons that strengthen our characters and feed our souls. Partner with these American legends who demonstate what has made America great. They embody authenticity, work ethic, integrity, courage, pride, tenacity, curiosity, and wonder. Let the adventure begin!

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