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Workshops For The Mind

I am unique, distinctly me, unlike any other. My Identity is written in the combine vibrations within my tiniest cell — A pattern that exists nowhere outside of me exactly the same. I leave part of myself on everything I touch and beneath the soles of my feet wherever I walk. I am a vibratory song.,a rainbow of color, an original.

Colors of the Mind –– An access to our real harmonic nature

Annalee Allred, Treatment Center director and acclaimed expert in light and its many colors, brings thirty years of research, experience, and a highly-sensitive visual perception (like a digital read-out) to this simple but remarkable developmental process. 

She places a series of colors in the outer energy field, she perceives how the frequency patterns engage with the free flow of energy in sequence with our natural inner rhythms (from left to right, right to left). This process disperses unrecognized fears and self-doubt that prevent full expression of self, revealing inherent characteristics of the inner self and how we are uniquely designed to recognize feelings, process thought, and function at an optimum performance level––unveiling our unique inner architecture––our true self, our latent abilities and highest purpose.  Afterwards, she prepares an individual rainbow of color for each guest to take away – to mobilize our hidden inner assets.

Inhale and Heal ––The Therapeudic Nature of Smell

Lara Wright – famous for her “nose” and highly accurate sense of smell, applied psychologist, intuitive, and founder of the Good Medicine organic products and laboratory.

Everyone has an inherent frequency pattern which is discernible, not only to animals but those humans with a developed senses of smell. Lara uses her extraordinary gift of smell to detect her client's unique pattern and the areas where disruption may have occurred. She then combines rare essential oils into an alchemical scent that captures the innate frequency pattern of each person – an original essence to take with them. Calms basic instincts, clarifies emotional upset and mental confusion, making way for new insight and loving relationships. Bring any questions you may have to this session. 

Rainbow Writing

In addition to her countless leadership and creative endeavors as our new CEO here at Green Valley, Janice Brooks-Nichter will be joining our team of experts in presenting advanced sensory developmental skills and interactive experiences –– a journey through the senses to access higher consciousness.

Her back ground in scientifically-based developmental training and spiritually-oriented teachings taps into the rich reservoir of human potential. She uses the age-old practice of symbolic imagery, storytelling and writing as soul-messengers to guide you into a sacred soul-space for personal exploration and creative renewal.

Stone Healing

Gwen Moon, shamanic therapist and beloved Native American teacher of ancient beliefs, has inspired our guests for over twenty-five years. Clients, world-wide, travel here especially to experience her work. Her therapies carry the inspiration and wisdom gleaned from decades of participation in Native ceremonies: she serves through the blessings of revered elders and spiritual leaders of many tribes.

Stone Healing is a personal transformational process which focuses the spiritually restoring elements of Mother Earth's own gentle power through the beauty and energetic patterns of her precious and semi-precious stones.

Workshops For The Body - Private Sessions

The skin is like a coat the body wears to keep it safe from damaging effects of the outside environment (harsh sun rays, wind, caustic airborne chemicals, etc.) It serves as an important eliminatory organ for metabolic waste, to keep body temperature within normal range, and as a primary transport station for the Senses.

As waste matter and environmental debris accumulate in and around the skin, the elastic and sensory components are impaired, the tensile strength deteriorates, and the skin cannot provide the protection or sensory input needed by the body to function at an optimal level.

Pearl Body Scrub

Uses rare powdered pearls, fine sun-drenched sand, and extracts of wild desert plants to dissolve dead, flaky residue and other debris that collects in and around the skin cells, allowing elimination of excess waste fluids, gases, to clear sensory receptors.

Waterfall Head And Scalp Therapy

As warm water flows down the back of the head and over receptor points, its gentle movement calms and yet quickens scalp, cleansing away waste residue. Stills conscious thought, lowers brain-wave activity and rejuvenates reflex response centers for increased mental and physical mobility.

Seven Heavens Aromatherapy

All seven levels of human experience are present in the frequency patters of the seven chakra centers and corresponding lateral pulse points. This treatment uses seven pure essential oil blends, carefully designed to resonate with the oscillating pattern of each chakra. Techniques include light movement over the chakra points and gentle extension, rotation and rocking to activate lateral points. Strengthens the muscles, brightens the mind, and opens the heart. Combats anxiety and emotional turmoil in general.

Energy Balance in the Shamanic Tradition

“Clears and harmonizes our being that we may become an open channel between earth and sky, allowing us to walk in balance, giving to the earth our own special charge, as she in return empowers us with her vital energies essential to health and well-being.” (Gwen Moon)

Group Sessions

• Sound Healing
• Sacred Dining
• vision Journey
• Achieving a Resting State
• Soul Flow
• The Quality of Love
• Labyrinth as a Journey
• Gathering circles
• Tai Chi
• The Rhythm of the Heart