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Come and experience the exhilaration of ancient desert lands, of uncommon therapies and healing hands – An Enchanted Desert Refuge under an Infinite Sky.

Remember Your Senses?

Though often unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of our modern world, the senses influence our perceptions and behavior for good or misfortune. They elevate us to lofty heights or lead us into perpetual despair, depending on our level of awareness.

When we pay careful attention, even a quick walk past a bakery, the sight of a garden in bloom, a song that moves our limbs with abandon, a decadent dessert or the soft caress of a loved one will remind us of the magic and meaning of life.

The “Discover the Senses Retreat” is designed to enliven the senses, to foster exploration, discovery and understanding of the depths of our lives and the world around us – drawing us closer to our innate human potential – truer perceptions and a heightened performance to elevate the contents of our daily lives.

The Senses

Everything, everywhere – the entire world as we know it – belongs to our basic senses and the subtle finer senses of instinct, intuition insight and inspiration. They touch us and we see, we hear, we smell, we taste and the world appears – they move our feet over the ground, guide our steps, influence our concept of self, provoke thoughts and behaviors, influence our innermost beliefs, effecting the conscious decisions of our everyday lives.

Modern science tells us that this invisible world of the senses is a series of signals and impulses moving in and around us – activating our heart rhythms, brain waves, and cellular structure – leading our thoughts feelings, and actions.

Ancient wisdom and thousands of years of human experience does not speak in terms of signals or impulses – instead, it reminds us of “the heart of wisdom” deep within, where all we have suffered, loved, thought about or felt is recorded and combined with the very essence of our being – our higher nature and purpose – lifting our judgments and considerations into a new way of seeing life as it happens in and around us.

Science is only now beginning to validate what ancient wisdom has told us all along – that the sense of touch can heal, the vibration of music can inspire, taste and smell and sight influence emotions, behavior, and ultimately, our health and enjoyment of life.

Sensory Deprivation and Sensory Overload

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
– Albert Einstein

All of us experience challenging periods in our life when, no matter how hard we try to manage our tribulations; we cannot find ways to resolve them. The problems may range from everyday issues that involve unexpected changes or added responsibilities in our daily routines, a life-crises where we experience and deal with astonishing redundancy, bereavement, relationship breakdown or serious health conditions. Often “duck and cover” may seem like the only way out.
Sometimes our senses mistake these feelings as emotional turmoil, mental confusion, ineptness, or just plain craziness. These feelings can lead to:

• Lack of creativity and understanding
• Anxiety and stress
• Neglecting truth and value in the world around us
• Following “the mob” in spite of our better instincts
• Hearing, but refusing to listen—seeing but refusing to see
• Giving up on making a difference
• Rejecting meaning, purpose, and accepting mediocrity
• Anger, depression, and lack of passion
• Decreased performance at home or work.
• An acute sensation of going through the motions of everyday life.
• Drifting away from one's life calling.
• Depletion of emotional and physical power.
• An inability to stay focused on the “journey” for/to success.

Re-Discovering Your Senses

The “Discover your Senses Retreat” is designed to rekindle passion and meaning, reignite creativity and understanding, to remind us of our forgotten dreams and the enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures.

We use sound, color, smell, taste and touch to broaden and deepen the scope of your basic senses, attuning your awareness beyond ordinary perception to awaken a higher nature with a new sense of responsibility, generosity of spirit and quality of love.

Each day we provide a daily dose of energy through the language of the senses—private vibrational therapies, hands-on bodywork and group experiences in sensory integration: time spent with nature in our desert wonderland—Native American Vision Journey—a sound concert using ancient Tibetan singing bowls and chants—energy-enlivening body movements such as Tai Chi and Yoga, intuitive writing and water color – daily meditation—nutritious meals and beds like clouds.

We have organized these special therapies in two general categories—Workout for the Mind (vibrational therapies) and a Workout for the Body (body work). But the magic is—the "Worker" is not you! All you have to do is rest, give your muscles and mind a vacation while the senses work for you.

For details about private and groups sessions, click here.



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Dec & Jan Rates

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High Season Rates

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21 Nights $12,255 $9,764 None
28 Nights $15,840 $12,687 $12,287*

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