Energetics, Frequencies And "The Vibes Of Life"

A healing mode in which the practitioner uses his hands, on or off the body, to initiate a coherent energy field —to quicken the frequency level and bring balance and harmony to the client. Includes such modalities as Cranial-sacral, Reiki, chakra clearing, Reconnection Therapy, Healing Touch, and more.

Shiatsu Acutonics Sound Healing - $115 for 50 min.

An energy based, non-intrusive treatment similar to acupuncture. Precision tuning forks, originally calibrated by NASA, are applied to specific acupuncture points to support the body’s natural frequencies. The sound waves of the forks vibrate and travel deeply into the body along the energy pathways, effecting human physiology and reaching places not easily accessed by other means. These vibrational sounds stimulate and balance physical and subtle energy, clearing chaotic patterns of stress and heartache. Begins with light-touch bodywork, brushing over channels through which life-giving fluids flow, unlocking blocked circuitry to stimulate and recharge the connection between left and right brain, heart, and mind.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy - $115 for 50 min.

For chronic pain, headaches, learning disabilities, and to assist emotional stability (recommended following surgery or traumatic injuries), this gentle technique restores energetic flow to lighten and revitalize block areas—often a transcendent experience.

Energetic Therapy - $115 for 50 min.

Works with subtle energies, using a combination of gentle touch techniques (such as Reiki, among others) to clear blocked or disengaged areas throughout the energetic system, activates the hormonal and neural systems and allows free flowing information or signals to move through the body's many parts. Restores balance and harmony at the cellular level to alleviate physical distress, relieve emotional upset, and calm mental disorder.