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Fitness Classes
Absolutely Abs
Intense workout focused on abdominal and back muscles. May incorporate the fit ball.

Movements, stretching and toning using the resistance of the water.

Cardio Boxing
Cardio workout using basic boxing moves with hanging boxing bags.

Cardio La Cha Cha
A total body workout using the basic dance moves from the Latin Merengue, Salsa, and Samba dances.

Circuit Power Board
Uses a powerboard which is a combination of a step platform and minitramp. Includes weight machines in two minute intervals.

Circuit Training
Interval training using different equipment and movements for all parts of the body.

Fun with Fitball
Cardio, toning, stretching and balance using a fitball.

Mat Pilates
Strengthen, lengthening, toning, and increasing flexibility without machines. Focuses on body core (abdominals/back).

Power Yoga
Introduces a Vinyasa (flow) style of yoga. A more vigorous and active practice using an Ashtanga based sun salutation series. Draws on strength and endurance as well as flexibility.

“Spin” Reebok Cycle
Uses imagery to enjoy a “spinning” bike ride while getting a challenging workout. Adjusted for all levels.

Step Circuit

Basic step movements for all levels using a step platform. Incorporates various weights for strength.

Stretch and Basic Yoga
Slow and full stretching combined with basic yoga positions.

Strength and Resistance Training
Learn how to design your own strength and resistance training
program while getting started using our weight equipment.

Tai Chi

Interaction of the Ying and Yang in the body, mind and spirit through easy and precise movements. Improves balance and increases energy.

Total Body Conditioning

Muscle strengthening and toning from head to toe using weights and resistance tubing.

Upper Body Conditioning
A total upper body workout using resistance tubing and weights to strengthen and tone shoulders, arms, and back.
Life Enrichment Classes

Book Discussion
A discussion of 4-5 popular non-fiction books introduces the authors and the main concepts in each book. Even if you have not read the books you will enjoy the discussion and written summaries provided. Led by Dr. Jane Miner.

Change Your Mind - Change Your Life
Change is often the goal of many guests at Green Valley. Learn how your personal mindsets and mindgames may be sabotaging your efforts to change rather than supporting the changes you want. Strategies are presented for using your mind as an ally in the process of change. Taught by Dr. Jane Miner

Get More Energy with Strong Boundaries
Feeling overwhelmed, stressed-out and tired is often the result of ineffective or missing boundaries. Identifying what drains yoru personal energy and what will add energy is discussed along with the steps to setting strong boundaries. Taught by Dr. Jane Miner

Cooking the Green Valley Way
Learn how to easily prepare some of our chicken and fish dishes including marinades for them. Desserts are included as well as our fat free fruit yogurt. And, you get to eat the presentation. Taught by our chefs.

Golf Lessons
Take a one-hour golf lesson, attend the two day beginner school or emerge yourself in our three day school. With all sessions taught by our PGA teaching professional, you can get just the fundamentals or take your game to the next level. Taught by John Legant.

Group Tennis Lessons
Group lessons provide the beginner and the advanced player alike instruction from the teaching professionals of our Vic Braden Tennis College, long time recognized as one of the top tennis camps and tennis resorts in the world. Recently named to the top five tennis camps.

Healthy Longevity
You can live longer and healthier by applying the current information and strategies. Continually updated, this presentation provides interesting and useful strategies to improve your life now and prevent problems later. Taught by Dr. Gordon Reynolds.

Hormones and Aging
Hormones are essential to the balance of your body and daily living. Your hormone levels change and fluctuate as you age. Learn what you should know and can do to manage these changes and keep yourself balanced and healthy. Taught by Dr. Gordon Reynolds.

Our meditation classes provide breathing techniques and present moment awareness designed to relax and clear the mind creating focus and peace of mind. Taught by Mike Rice.

Sensible Fitness
A successful fitness program makes sense with activities and scheduling that is effective and enjoyable. Out fitness teachers share the Green Valley Fitness Principles and lead you through a process to develop your own sensible fitness program to take home with you. Teachers vary.

Your Body Structure
There is a relationship between your body structure and how you are affected by food and exercise. You will recognize your body structure as you learn how to choose foods and fitness activities to keep you healthy and balanced. Taught by Marium Kroff.

Your Image Profile
You have a style for presenting yourself to the world. Knowing your style can help you make choices and present your strengths to your advantage. Taught by Bonnie Luke.

Your Life in the Stars
Your birth day is the beginning of a journey which can be identified and understood by the arrangement of the stars, moon, and planets. Learn about the journey you have been on and the one you may be going on. Taught by Sue Apitz Upwall.

Fitness Classes Life Enrichment Classes
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