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We all long for a lean healthy body that moves lightly and efficiently without effort, a clear, productive mind, feelings of contentment and complete satisfaction.


Deep Sports Massage:
For all-over toning and tension release, to stimulate metabolic rate for increased circulation, respiration ratio and tensile strength.

Ultimate Massage:
Make your favorite treatment last even longer (100 minutes).

Neural-Muscular Therapy:

Specialized techniques and trigger-point pressure releases constricted or aggravated muscle groups throughout body, such as shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.

Trimonics Postural Therapy:

Gentle myofacial motions, light pressure, and rub out of key areas of supportive muscle tissues realign infrastructure for enhanced body mechanics. Balances bioelectrical systems for smooth easy motion, creating a more healthful state. Therapist will take a before and after Polaroid to document your improved posture.

Extension, rotation, and energetic massage techniques repattern the neural relay systems to break down old habits and attitudes, allowing for rapid reflex responses and decision-making.

Oriental Shiatsu:
Accupressure massage developed in Japan. Applies firm but not acute pressure to specific points in the body to stimulate and unblock "meridians" (pathways through which life energy flows).


Water Shiatsu:
This treatment takes place in chest-high warm water and involves both pressure point massage and a series of lengthening movements. Each session is not only a massage, but a powerful experience that allows many healing "shifts" of physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Sports Sea Salt Bath:
For tired feet, ankles, and aching joints as well. A concentrated saline solution of ancient sea salts extracts excess toxic fluids for easy breathing, clear thinking, and furnishes a complete spectrum of mineralized elements needed by the cells for vitality and easy motion.


New light-touch energetic technique from the Kansas Body/Mind/Spirit Center uses hands on or off the body to engage the client's higher intelligence. Relieves stress, chronic fatigue, low back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, supports biological systems to balance depression, eating disorders, allergies, and strengthens resistance to emerging debilitating conditions. Remarkable.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy (100 minutes):

For chronic pain, headaches, learning disabilities, to assist emotional stability, recommended following surgery or traumatic injuries, this gentle technique restores energetic flow to lighten and revitalize blocked areas. Often a transcendent experience.


Painted Desert Clay:
Begins with a light cleansing in our infrared sauna. Body is then brushed with a light coating of fine clay and mineral salts gathered from ancient sea deposits. Removes excess fluid waste and other toxic residue with poultice-like action to restore slow, smooth breathing, lowered heart rate, and stamina.

Herbal Wrap:
Thermal technique heightens cellular activity to melt away aches and pains through back and shoulders, elbows and knees.

Waterfall Therapy:
As warm water flows down the back of the head and over receptor points, its gentle movement clams and yet quickens scalp, clearing away waste residue. Stills conscious thought, lowers brain-wave activity, and rejuvenates reflex response centers for increased mental and physical mobility.

Sound Medicine:
Accelerates healing for broken bones, normalizes conditions in old wounds and scars.


Body Code Consultation:
This evaluation determines your physical and metabolic type. Body composition analysis provides information that will establish a nutritional and exercise plan best suited to you. (test time--55 minutes).

Sports Psychology Coaching:
Sports psychology introduces you tot he skills and strategies used by successful athletes and others to remove psychological obstacles and maximize capabilities. Provides improved focus, increased self confidence and enjoyment. These skills and strategies become powerful strategies for living and working in flow.

Individual Meditation Training:
Learning to control tension in the muscles and attention to the mind brings healthy stamina and balance to cellular activity, heart rhythms, brain waves, and access to higher consciousness. Includes attitudinal counseling, stress management, communication skills and meditation instruction.