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foot and hand works

Reflexology works by stimulating the circulatory and nervous system, thus synergizing and toning the entire body.

It releases tension and increases stress resilience.

Our therapists are highly trained and certified reflexologists and, of course, do not diagnose medical ailments.

We do not use polish in these treatments because of the toxic fumes.

foot reflexology
and grooming (no polish)

If your tires feel flat, let us change them! Lie back in our specially designed environment and we'll relieve the pressure on your feet and legs, polish away any callouses, trim your nails, and restore your bounce and spring. Includes warm beeswax treatment. Relieves aching, prickly feet.
Price: $60.00/50 minutes

natural manicure (no polish)
Rest your hands in a bath of heated beeswax to moisturize and soften the skin. After a pressure point massage for your hands, wrists and elbows, we will groom your nails and brush them to a pearly glow. Due to the specialty of this treatment, we cannot work on acrylic nails.
Price: $45.00/30 minutes

salon services
A fine hair stylist is available at a local salon. (see scheduling desk for details)

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relaxation center | services offered and descriptions | spa shop