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The Golf Performance Studio uses the latest in technology to help a player improve their game. We use video and computer analysis so you can see what your instructor sees.  We put motion sensors on your body to determine the positions of the body at key positions and determine the body's sequencing and efficiency to maxamize speed and distance.  We accurately determine ball speed and distance using the portable launch monitor so when you get back on the course, you know which clubs go how far.  Then you are able to train using the sensors to make your practice more effective with real time feedback.

The K-VEST Advantage

The K-Vest sensors measure Torso and Hip rotation and are capture through the 3D animation software at an astonishing 180 frames per second. Your eyes see things at 15 frames per second and most video cameras are at 60 frames per second but K-Vest sensors show what our eyes and video can’t see. We take the data and break it down to simple terms to get you the right prescription for your swing.

Then can you imagine practicing drills with the sensors on your body and seeing it in 3D visual animation along with a synchronized video to begin learning the proper feel over and over until you do it correctly and it’s comfortable? That’s why the Golf Performance Studio is different. The 3D animation changes from red to green when you achieve the proper position. Then we add an audible tone when in correct position. We train students by all three methods of visual, audio and kinesthetic (movement). The guess work is taken out of practice and better practice creates better results.

ES-12 Launch Monitor

An innovative tool engineered to enhance your golf game, the ES12 Portable Launch Monitor is an incredibly accurate and reliable golf performance solution for players of all abilities.

You can practice in our indoor facility and know exactly how far you hit a shot and calibrate yourself before your next game. The data even connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth for tracking your workout and storing the data to bring up on the course. Get your timing and speed down in our climate controlled environment so when you go on the course the only thing left to do is swing the right club. Start playing like the pros and build your confidence knowing the ball is going to go you practiced.

V1 Video Playback

Are you slicing or losing distance to you playing partners? We can video tape your swing either with our cameras and computers or simply with our iPhone or iPad. We show it back to you within seconds and you can see what your swing is doing. Don’t be surprised if it is not what you expected. We use that information to help you train better and make the necessary corrections. We can use the same technology to video you as you practice or work on swing drills. Real feedback, in real time. We help take the speculation out of the swing and coach you through the necessary changes to make it happen faster.

TPI Fitness

What is TPI? TPI is the Titleist Performance Institute and the program was designed to focus on golf specific health, fitness and golf swing biomechanics from the leading experts in the game of golf. By taking a series of simply body movement screens, we evaluate your body’s ability to have movement, stability, strength and flexibility. By assessing these screens, we can better design drills, exercises and programs tailored to meet your own abilities to reduce injuries and improve playing performance. Man or women, child or adult, high handicap or low, golfer, tennis or baseball player, your body will tell us about your potential swing challenges even before you take one swing.

As a golf instructor for over 20 years, TPI showed me why some people perform better than others. This information is critical for improvement, unless you like wearing a lot of band aids.

Optishot Golf Simulator

In an indoor studio, players still want to be able to see golf shots and get data on their golf swing. The Optishot Golf Simulator let's players practice and play on real life courses and situations with visual feedback on each shot. Optishot also provides data on club head speed, face angle, contact at impact, golf club swing path, swing tempo & golf shot distance. All without ever having to worry about going to look for your ball or have to buy more.

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