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The Golf Performance Studio at Green Valley Spa 
"Better Technology + Better Practice = Better Results”

The Golf Performance Studio prides itself on working with every skill level. Whether you are just starting out, need to correct a swing flaw or just need to tweek your game to get you to the next handicap level, we can help! Our experienced PGA Golf Professionals have the resources and experience to make a dramatic impact on your game.

Our instruction focuses on the basic fundamentals of the motion of a swing and understanding that there is not just one way to swing a club. Whatever you bring to the table we will work with you to maximize your skills. We break it down into simple understandable terms and show you through our video and computer analysis all the things you are doing right and exactly where your challenges lie.

We believe that through our methods of drills, reinforcement and our successful teaching approach, there is nobody we can not teach.

We offer video/computer analysis for full swings of drivers, woods, hybrids, irons and for pitching & chipping as well as putting on our indoor putting green. We offer practice programs over days, weeks and months to make changes that are permanent. We can create specialized clinics for a group learning environment or provide a series of lessons to individuals, families, corporation or events.

This year we added to our 6 indoor hitting bays, video and computer analyzation software and the latest in hi-tech teaching equipment, the same the pros use; like a motion sensor vest that measures torso/trunk rotation in 3D animation, a portable launch monitor that measures ball speed and accurate distances to plus or minus 1 to 2 yards viewed on your iPad or iPhone. Our new golf simulator projects your golf shots on well known courses onto a large HD television. After the shot, it shows your true club path, clubhead speed, swing tempo, face angle at impact, swing tempo, face contact and the distance the golf shot, all done comfortably indoors at 73 degrees with no inclement weather or wind.

Top level instruction from experienced golf professionals is what you would expect at Green Valley Resort & Spa. The Golf Performance Studio takes teaching to the next level, why shouldn’t your game go there too!

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