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what our guests say

"John was working with a real novice. I had never played golf before. My purpose was to evaluate whether or not golf was a sport I wanted to pursue. It was a challenging three days. However John's ability as an instructor and patience and encouragement
was first rate. Golf is a game I'll pursue, and
in part, because of the terrific introduction by John to the game."

"John's work with the video was terrific reinforcement." He tried multiple ways to show us how to rectify problem areas. He definitely improved my confidence, swing and power. It was a fabulous experience for me and my wife. We are both excited to go home and play golf together."


"Thank you so much for the jump start! I love the game of golf, and plan to return to your beautiful spa to learn more...Excellent!"

"Very enjoyable. I would encourage anyone who wants to improve their golf game to learn from John."