Guided Hikes

Discover the Magic of Red Rock Country

Having specialized in hiking adventures for 20 years, Green Valley offers one of the top hiking programs in the world, traversing one of the world’s most spectacular natural settings. Our daily morning hikes regularly consist of excursions to Snow Canyon, Padre Canyon, Silver Reef and many other magical areas within southern Utah's famed red rock country.

March to Your Own Beat

Green Valley’s hiking program offer two levels of group hiking on a daily basis for our guests. Those who desire a more challenging hike can upgrade to one of our Private Technical Hikes.  All of our hikes are selected for their beauty, interest and accessibility. Our veteran guides have deep knowledge of the topography, flora, fauna, and natural history of the area, and take pride in making each hike a journey of exhilaration and discovery.

Trail Hike  (Included in the All-inclusive Package)

The Trail Hike averages 3 miles and requires no technical skills. These hikes are conducted mostly on marked trails with some sand, rock, and at time uneven surfaces. The pace of these hikes for most would be one that allows for the enjoyment and appreciation of the desert and its wonders.

Fitness Hike  (Included in the All-inclusive Package)

The Fitness Hike averages 5 miles. These hikes usually go at a faster pace when the terrain allows for it and will also at times encounter terrain that requires light technical skills. The climbs and descents will be longer than the trail hikes, and depending on the hike that day, one may also encounter periods of sand and loose rocks.

Private Hike / Technical Hike  (Upgrade for $45 /hour for one guide, $65 /hour for 2 guides)*

We also offer private hikes for guests who prefer to hike at their own speed or spend more time taking in the beautiful deserts and canyons of southern Utah.

In the past we have also offered Technical Hikes as part of our regular daily group hikes. After much thought and years of experience conducting such hikes we have decided to stop offering this type of hiking in a group setting. Technical hiking offers unique challenges, hazards, and potential dangers that need to be carefully guided. Technical hiking is a skill that needs to be developed and learned, and not conductive for group hikes where we often encounter a wide range of abilities. We feel that the best place for this type of hiking is done in a private setting where the guide has the ability to guide a hike in the manner that best serves the client. Experienced technical hikers will be able to move and go places they would otherwise not be able to. Those learning will now not feel rushed, and have personalized attention from their guide while they hone and improve their skills. These will be offered as an upgrade to the regular daily hikes.

* Due to the variables and circumstantial nature of each request, the number of guides will be determined by contacting our hiking department at 435-216-7711.

Example hikes are courtesy of Eric Hansen, from his book "On and Off the Beaten Path", copyright 2011.  To purchase a copy of "On and Off the Beaten Path", click HERE.

Many of Green Valley Spa's hikes take place by permit on BLM and Dixie National Forest land.