hCG Weight Loss

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Lose up to a pound a day!

Green Valley Spa is the only full service facility in the United States offering the hCG Protocol. With Green Valley Spa now offering the hCG weight loss program, dieters don’t have to go down the lonely trail of weekly visits to a local clinic and preparing their own special, low-calorie meals. Now hCG participants can kickstart the program in Green Valley’s medically-supervised spa setting alongside like-minded people and a full range of support services including a life coach, nutritionist, daily hikes & fitness classes, organic meals and post-visit follow-ups.

Medically Safe and Sound

"We are witnessing a resurgence of one of the only truly safe, successful weight loss programs for both men and women, ever supported by five-year follow-up studies," explains Dr. Gordon Reynolds, Green Valley’s resident physician who is renowned for combining holistic wellness practices with his traditional medical background and for founding the 'Life Fitness & Longevity Program' at La Costa Spa in California. "Not only did the hCG diet study reveal absolutely no negative side effects, but it also showed that 85% of the participants in the study remained within 10% of their newly achieved weight goal, with none regaining all their weight. No other program can claim this."

The Last Diet

300,000 people a year die from obesity and countless others suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, bad knees, bad backs, etc., as a result of being overweight.

With the backing of extensive medical research and Green Valley’s own success stories that have seen hundreds of hCG participants lose more than 4,800 pounds, we believe our full-service hCG program will provide lasting results for people who have tried everything to lose weight and keep it off.

The Weight Loss Program
The price for the Weight Loss Program is $995 plus tax and resort fees when added to the cost of the Luxury Adventure or the Core Wellness package. (7 day minimum)

The Program Includes:

  • Intake health assessment by medical personnel for hCG Program
  • Blood testing to determine hormone imbalance
    • C Reactive Protein (CRPS)
    • Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP)
    • Homocystine (HMCYS)
  • One 30 minute medical consultation, including analysis of blood tests*
  • Daily monitoring of progress with hCG program coordinator
  • Daily administration of hCG
  • Daily fitness classes and hikes
  • Cooking classes and diet guidance.
  • Private Sessions
    • Microfit™ fitness assessment
      • Blood Pressure
      • Body fat percentage
      • Flexibility test
      • Aerobic capacity
      • Muscle strength
      • Body measurements
      • Bone Density
    • Mind Map
    • HeartMath™
    • 1 Private Exercise Training Session

The minimum stay for guests wishing to join the weight loss program is 7 days. However, your results will be more dramatic if you can commit to a longer stay to allow daily monitoring and support of your progress.