Health & Fitness Treatments

You May Have Forgotten The Most Important Part of Your Workout Routine.

Most sports and fitness enthusiasts know that downtime and recuperation is a crucial  component of any exercise program. Whether you are a runner, hiker, cyclist, avid tennis player, golf  enthusiast or weekend warrior – time to heal and reset are just as important as any workout routine.  

The Good Medicine Natural Healing Center at Green Valley Spa is known for its Physical Fitness and Optimum Performance Programs – providing advanced therapies and relaxation techniques specifically designed to restore vitality to stiff aching joints, sore tight muscles, decreased range of motion, scattered concentration and overall fatigue.

Our award-winning team of therapists are highly dedicated professionals with years of training and expertise, providing unique and advanced therapeutic treatments.


Full-Body Zone Therapy and Reflexology

Full-Body Zone Therapy and Reflexology

Sports Massage: For all over toning and tension release, to stimulate metabolic rate for increased circulation and respiration ratio.

Full-Body Zone Therapy and Reflexology: Reduces shoulder and back pain, increases stress resilience and stimulates circulatory and nervous system. Thoroughly works feet, ankles, hands, shoulders, neck, ears and scalp.

Waterfall Head and Scalp Therapy

Waterfall Head and Scalp Therapy

Tai Massage: Energizing and relaxing – uses muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure.

Revitalizing Massage: Smooth, even strokes relax muscle contractions, spasms and general body tension, leaving tissues light and free.

Waterfall Head and Scalp Therapy: Rejuvenates reflex response centers for increased mental and physical mobility.

Cranial Sacral: For chronic pain, headaches and to assist emotional stability (recommended following surgery or traumatic injuries) – restores energetic flow to lighten and revitalize blocked areas.

Pretreatment Mineral Bath

Pretreatment Mineral Bath

Shiatsu Acutonics: Non-intrusive treatment similar to acupuncture – precision tuning forks – originally calibrated by the space program – recharge the connection between left and right brain, heart and mind.

All treatments can include a pretreatment mineral bath designed to reduce inflammation and help the body repair and rejuvenate.