"The mind has great influence over the body, and maladies often have their origin there."
Moliere 1622-1673

Heart Centered Counseling with Jonelle Reynolds, M.A.

When the heart is closed, fear and doubt-filled thoughts can compulsively take over your mind, actions and reactions resulting in constant confusion, pain and tension. When you are willing, seeking your inner truth in a safe, confidential environment allows the heart to open to the peace and clarity that heals.

25 years experience working with individuals, families and business consultation through her belief that bringing awareness of other choices can empower a person to move forward into doing and being more of who they really are.

Jonelle utilizes several different modalities as result of her studying with Brugh Joy, M.D., Byron Katie facilitating "The Work", Carolyn Myss, Gary Zukov, Eckhart Tolle, Jerry Jampolski's Attitudinal Center, The Heart Math Center, Eric Pearl and Dream Interpretation.

"Learning to listen to and follow your heart results in increased security. As your inner security increases, you become more clear and effective in stressful situations and in creative endeavors." Doc Childre.