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Green Valley Spa New Hike Descriptions
Green Valley offers hiking in some of the most beautiful and recognized parts of the southwest.  Each hike promises breathtaking scenery as well as a hike specific to a variety of fitness levels. These hikes are famous with our past attendees and will quickly make you a devoted fan as well.

Gunlock - sandstone valleys
Sierra's Peak - Red Cliff's desert reserve
Red Mountain - view point looking down into Snow Canyon
Jarvis Peak - high-desert climbing
Red Cliffs Desert Reserve - sandstone formations
Molly's Mountain - along the western edge of the Colorado Plateau
The Labyrinth - a natural maze through 30-50' canyon walls

Strenuous hikers know this area well but now we have a fitness version that allows others to visit this area.  You will hike through sandstone valleys, up ravines, & across ridges with the space of the Great Basin Desert beckoning to the west.
Sierra's Peak
This new strenuous hike is located in the Northern reaches of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. It consists mostly of scrambling up higher & higher in sandstone to reach Sierra's Peak.  The view is incredible and the journey back down a bit hair raising.
Red Mountain
This is a hike we discontinued and have now started doing again, but in a much different way.  The hike starts in high-desert pinion & juniper and reveals an incredible viewpoint looking down into Snow Canyon.  We then make our way across a sandstone valley & eventually loop back to our starting point.

Jarvis Peak
This new strenuous hike climbs to one of the tallest points in the Beaver Dam Mountains.  This range lies a few miles Southwest of St. George.  You will be hiking in sparse high-desert vegetation - climbing, climbing, and then climbing some more.  Your effort will be rewarded with A VIEW YOU WONT SOON FORGET.

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve
This new hike lies at the Northeast end of a 61,000 acre desert reserve.  We hike both walkabout and fitness hikes in this area.  You'll be hiking through washes, ravines, & across sandstone formations.  Throughout the hike Pine Valley Mountain, soaring to over 10,000 feet, is only a glance up.

Molly's Mountain
This new strenuous hike is not as long, but what it lacks in distance it more than makes up for in incline.  Located along the Western edge of the Colorado Plateau, the top offers great views of Zion National Park to the East and the entire Dixie Basin in every other direction.

The Labyrinth
This hike is designed to be a spiritual journey. After about 1/2 mile hike you will enter a natural labyrinth formed by rains running through 30-50 sandstone foot cliffs.  Enjoy the high-desert pinion, juniper, & manzanita while making your way through this maze in silence.
We have also updated many of our other hikes & some remain as they always have.  We hope you remember fondly hikes such as Padre Canyon, Petrified Dunes, White Rocks to Red Rocks, Valentines, Slots, Silver Reef, Santa Clara & Paradise Canyon.
hiking | fitness classes | tennis instruction | golf instruction | rock climbing | pilates