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M.E.E.T the Mustangs

  • M.E.E.T. the Mustangs

Where Heart Meets Horse – Windhorse Relations

Mustangs, the American wild horses, are survivors, yet they are peaceful, loving animals. They teach how to empower yourself and become the creative leader of your own life.Wild horses are the "land dolphins" of healing the heart, spirit, and body. A Windhorse Mustang will guide you into a space of unconditional love, insight and renewed vision. As you create a willing relationship with your Windhorse partner, inner woundings will heal and a new perspective and wholeness will emerge.

No equine experience is needed. Mary Lee and her expert staff will guide you through this unique personal experience that provides the opportunity to discover oneself outside of the labels, expectations, or limitations.

For more information visit her site HERE.

Creating a willing relationship with a Windhorse Mustang can teach you to:

  • Set a clear intention from the heart.
  • Be an observer and learn to read the mustangs's non-verbal language.
  • Create a safe environment for communication.
  • Allow a horse to choose to be with you.
  • Establish respect and leadership.
  • Follow the energy of what is presented in the moment.
  • Create and adjust.
  • Learn the power of intention.
  • Build resiliency by transforming fear into trust and confidence.
  • Enjoy feeling connected, peace, love, and being in the moment.

Our programs can be particularly important for adolescents. Our mustangs provide safe, wise, and courageous mentoring and mirroring. Let them reflect your wisdom and goodness. They are trustworthy confidants for the private, inner struggles teens face today. Partner with these American legends who embody authenticity, integrity, courage, pride, tenacity, and curiosity. Join us for an amazing adventure in self discovery!