Magic Of The Senses

Ancient Wisdom Meets the Modern World – Bridging Science and Spirit

Ancient Sages used the language of the senses as a healing path – such as drumming, chanting, light and color, herbal teas, incense, yoga, meditation and blessing hands.

These rich vibrations served as conveyors of healing to transform old fears and self-doubt carried deep within the psyche – feelings that inhibit peace and upward growth – clearing a space for the spirit to rise with mighty waves of heavenly vibes – bestowing stamina, loving relationships and higher consciousness.

As we awaken to our senses, there is Magic everywhere. Even a quick walk past a bakery, the sight of a garden in bloom, a song that moves our limbs with abandon, a decadent dessert or the soft caress of a loved one will rekindle the joy and meaning in life’s simple pleasures and remind us of our forgotten dreams. 

The innovative sessions included in this program are designed to bring ancient wisdom and healing traditions into the modern world – bridging science and spirit.


Light Works - $120 for 50 min.

This rare treatment utilizes the pioneering techniques of Marcel Vogel, computer pioneer, to transmit crystal energy to the body in an exquisite rainbow of light pulsing from the crown to base. The purpose is to open and revitalize the chakra system, while stimulating the flow of quantum energy throughout physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Shamanic Vision Journey - $120 for 50 min.

Repetitious cadence of native drumming leads the mind into a dreamlike state of tranquility to contact our animal guides. Our native shamanic teacher explores insights with a traditional understanding of animal symbols.

Shaman Medicine Card Reading - $115 for 50 min.

Utilizes the sixth sense for uncommon insight into the panorama of your life as it unfolds before you. Bring any questions you may have to this session.

Mind Map – Our Inner Blueprint - $120 for 50 min.

Uses color to mobilize our innate abilities and unveil individual pathways for heightened performance level – reveals inherent characteristics of our inner self and highest purpose.

Inhale and Heal The Nose Knows - $120 for 50 min.

Activates the sense of smell to elevate our basic instincts – includes a therapeutic combination or rare essential oils to recharge and stimulate receptor patterns, to clarify emotional upset and mental confusion.

Sacred Sound – Personal Healing Concert - $120 for 50 min.

Harmonies of ancient Tibetan bowls and other instruments align and shift the complex neural systems to purify physical and emotional states – to assist in reducing pain, to alter brain waves and access higher consciousness. 

Rainbow Writing - $125 for 50 min.

Janice Brook’s back ground in scientifically – based developmental training and spiritually-oriented teachings taps into the rich reservoir of human potential. She uses the age-old practice of symbolic imagery, storytelling and writing as soul-messengers to guide you into a sacred soul-space for personal exploration and creative renewal.

Spiral Breathing - $125 for 50 min.

For thousands of years, mystical traditions of the world have used breathing techniques. This spherical, connected new breathing technology enriches creative expression and leads to heightened states of awareness.


A Sense of Calling - $125 for 50 min.

Janice uses a full range of transformational somatic learning experiences; poetry, music, movement, reading and writing, and storytelling – as soul-messengers, to facilitate your journey into your sacred soul-calling space for creative explorations. She will help you tune-in, listen, and harmonize messages and impulses inside your conscious and sub-conscious mind, nurture your creativity, elevate your sense of purpose, and strengthen your intuition.