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Feel like your old self again!

Have you lost your drive, stamina, or range of motion? Do you have trouble sleeping, experience mood swings, hot flashes, or the inability to lose weight? Do you lack strength, energy and the DESIRE for intimacy? Finally, modern science has begun to investigate the causes and symptoms of aging. It wasn't very long ago that the medical community assumed that aging, with all its ailments and diseases, was a natural process. Now, however, physicians have realized that many of the symptoms of aging can be slowed down or even reversed. Green Valley Spa invites you to rediscover your "younger" self.

Dr. Simmon L. Wilcox, M.D. BestLife Health Center at Green Valley Spa

Dr. Wilcox earned his Medical Doctorate in 1982 from the State University of New York School of Medicine after receiving his Bachelor of Arts from Boston University. Board Certified in Family Medicine, Certified in Age Management, and with a pending certification in by NFPT as a Personal Trainer, Dr. Wilcox has accumulated specialized skills and a vast amount of experience ranging from research to emergency care. He has a long and successful track record providing services to and consulting with many high profile organizations located across America. Dr. Wilcox has been and continues to be a leader in his community by volunteering his time with varied youth drug rehabilitation programs. Dr. Wilcox was voted one of America’s outstanding family doctors in 2004 and has been honored with Business Edge Magazine’s Man of the Year.
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Dr. Jack Hinkle, D.O.

Dr. Hinkle received his medical degree in 1978. He is Board certified in Family Practice and recognised by the Board of Geriatric Medicine. In 1996 he joined the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the International College of Integrative Medicine. This changed his approach to providing medical care to his patients by integrating holistic principles and natural therapeutics into his practice.This has allowed many patients to reduce or get off their medications, and to achieve a better quality of life. His focus is anti-aging and longevity medicine, weight management, bioidentical hormone replacement, nutraceutical supplementation, detoxification, and management alternatives for auto-immune disorders. This includes Bioidentical Hormones evaluation, detoxification, optimising diet, nutrition and weight.

In 2007 he traveled to Europe to receive training in the use of amino-acids in autoimmune disorders, allergies and aging. He belongs to the Oxford College of Immunology and continues yearly training in Europe to bring these 21st Century modality to his patrons. Visit Dr. Hinkle's Blog:
Longevity and Anti-Aging.

Available Anti-aging Tests and Services

• Anti-Aging evaluation and treatment plans. Read more.
• Laboratory Tests. Read more.
• Sequenced Amino Acid Immune and Molecular Modulation. Read more
• Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. Read more.
• Rejuvenation and Detoxification. Read more.
• Nutritional IV's. Read more.
• Limited Pain Management Modalities. Read more.
• Neural Peptides: new therapy for the treatment of autoimmune disorders. Read more.


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