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TurningLeaf Wellness Center

It’s not about change, it’s about growth

If you or someone you love is struggling with emotional or mental issues, TurningLeaf can provide a full range of mental health services including: substance abuse, family counseling, grief management, domestic violence, life coaching, and much more. Our goal is to strengthen individuals, couples, and families with customized out patient wellness programs.

Meet the TurningLeaf Staff

TurningLeaf draws upon the skill, experience, and education of it’s exceptional staff, including psychologists, substance abuse counselors, emotional growth and life coaching experts. Our team also includes domestic violence and anger management counselors, ADD and ADHD specialists, and teen and family practitioners.


All services are customized to fit your individual needs. Initially, guests, will meet with one of TurningLeafs’ professional staff to identify problems and recommend the appropriate course of therapy. Below is a partial list of treatment options.

Anger and Emotional Management
Raise awareness of negative emotions and patterns of interacting and reacting to them and with others.  Utilize tools on recognizing what works, what does not, and alternative tools to use to manage anger and other "negative" emotions.  Discuss the violence cycle, the rights in a relationship, conflict management, and tools to be more successful in relationships.

Provides structure, simplicity and confidence in how to parent. Children come with a crucial set of physical and emotional needs that must be met. This service will help you create your personal “Thriving as a Parent 101” manual.

Teen Treatment Programs
Our goal in providing outpatient adolescent care is to promote family wellness through teaching effective communication, parental skills, obedience, family cohesion, and love-based interactions.  This is also achieved by building family strength upon key values such as honesty, forgiveness, obedience, love, openness and communication.  In this way, we help to preserve and strengthen the integrity of the family unit.

Healthy Relationships
This class will teach you methods that will be helpful with mood problems such as depression, anxiety, anger, panic, jealousy, guilt and shame. It will also give you strategies to help you solve relationship problems, handle stress better, improve your self-esteem, and become less fearful and more confident.

Grief Counseling
The loss of a loved one or relationship is one of the greatest emotional challenges anyone can confront. Our staff can help individuals and families deal with these challenges and provide the comfort and hope for a return to joy.

Body Image Development
Self esteem issues associated with body image can be devastating to teens and adults alike. Body Image Development provides guests with proper skills and strategies to create a healthy love of self.

Substance Abuse Recovery and Life Skills
The purpose of these sessions are  to help the substance abuser develop and maintain his or her own personal program of recovery. Designed specifically to give the participant the necessary tools to help deal with individualized issues in the recovery process.

Life Coaching
With your life coach, you will learn how to integrate a purpose into your life, better understand the process of communication, and also understand the different roles you play in your life. Learning these skills and applying them to your life is an essential element of personal success and development. Your life coach will help you keep your life simple, so you can focus on reaching your goals.

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