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native american

Southern Utah's own exotic desert - a land where the mystique of the Ancient Ones still moves in the Spirit of the Wind - is a bountiful garden of Native Medicine. The Green Valley tradition embraces Native American wisdom uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit in a celebration of life.

The coordinator of our Native american Awareness program, (Eagle Shadow) is of Chippewa/Ojibwa descent of the clan of Echo Makers - the White Crane.

energy balancing

Clear and harmonize your being, that you may become an open channel walking between earth and sky, giving to the earth as she in return empowers you with her vital energies essential to health and well being. Opens and activates the chakra system (energy centers).
Price: $85.00/50 minutes

shaman reading of cards
A unique and empowering reading of insight, utilizing the sixth sense. Experience the panorama of your life unfolding before you.
Price: $85.00/50 minutes

butterfly wrap
Enter the Chrysalises. A delightful blend of the old and the new. An herbal wrap using herbs of the traditional sweat lodge.
Price: $85.00/50 minutes

gem therapy
A special three treatment process. Energy balancing and butterfly wrap are included to purify and energize the systems in preparation of the stone therapy. Laying on of Stones: Adorned in the radiant beauty of precious stones, soar on life's breath through the portals of your innermost being to an enchanted realm of non-ordinary reality, refining frequency, integrating and rejuvenation body, mind, and spirit.

drumming circle
A gathering of drums in the celebration of life.
Price: $85.00/50 minutes

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relaxation center | services offered and descriptions | spa shop