Spa Services

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Our services include body work, energetics, and individual training sessions, with a wide variety of disciplines, techniques and expertise.

The award-winning team of therapists are highly dedicated professionals with years of advanced therapeutic training and certification. Some have served our clients for over 20 years and are known for their healing touch and genuine concern for the welfare of each guest.

We use natural elements (applied topically) to further the healing properties of our services, including wild desert plants, sea minerals and salts, rare powdered pearls and micronized silk – as well as light beams, sound waves, music and color, to name a few.

Though the range of holistic therapeutic modalities is vast and rather complex to define, we have divided them into general categories, recognizing that while each is localized to some extent, the beneficial properties act on human well being at many levels.

Signature Treatments

Our renowned Signature Treatments are designed here and not found elsewhere. They not only act to cleanse toxin overload which prevents our natural systems from absorbing nutrients, but reduce deteriorating conditions that accompany the aging process, leaving the skin (our largest eliminative organ) smooth, hydrated, receptive, and porous. Allowing the elimination of excess waste fluids and gases to occur.


We offer both deep tissue and soft touch, including sports massage, shiatsu, neuromuscular, gliding stones, Thai, reflexology, and many more.

Energetics, Frequencies And “The Vibes Of Life”

A healing mode designed to bring balance and harmony. Includes Cranial-sacral, Reiki, and chakra clearing.

Wisdom Of The Ancients

Medicine today, whether holistic or conventional, has a rich heritage from the world’s civilizations and cultures. These innovative sessions include age-old cultural healing techniques and tribal concepts with a modern approach.

For The Parts That Show

We have developed an enlivening process which not only acts to beautify the skin, our precious outer coat, but allows the body’s natural system to absorb nutrients, release toxic waste and strengthen cellulose fibers for increased elasticity and resilience.

Personal Training And Counseling

Personal training sessions from our staff of professional counselors.

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