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Magic Of The Senses Retreat

  • Journey

The “Magic Of The Senses Retreat” is designed to rekindle passion and meaning, reignite creativity and understanding, to remind us of our forgotten dreams and the enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures.

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  • 30 Year Badge

30 Year Anniversary Special
Valid From November 2014 - January 2015
Requires a 7 night stay

Your program will consist of the one treatment per day. For each additional night you will recieve a treatment of choice.

Starting at $299 /person /night (savings up to $159 /night).

> Prices do not include 18% tax and resort fees. Guests staying 30 nights or more receive a hotel tax refund starting at $289.

Program Rates:

High Season (Sept-Nov & Mar-May):
Week: $3,133

Low Season (Feb, June-Aug):
Week: $2,863

Seasonal (Dec-Jan):
Week: $2,723

> For room upgrades or occupancy discounts, call our reservationist. Prices do not include 18% tax and resort fees.

Program Includes:

  • 4 diamond Garden Suite accommodations
  • All meals
  • Unlimited fitness classes
  • Daily guided hikes
  • Healthy life-style workshops and classes
  • Your daily treatment is selected by our experienced therapists with advanced developmental skills in the emerging field of Sensory Integration


Though often unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of our modern world, the senses influence our perceptions and behavior for good or misfortune. They elevate us to lofty heights or lead us into perpetual despair, depending on our level of awareness.

When we pay careful attention, even a quick walk past a bakery, the sight of a garden in bloom, a song that moves our limbs with abandon, a decadent dessert or the soft caress of a loved one will remind us of the magic and meaning of life.

Come and experience the exhilaration of ancient desert lands, of uncommon therapies and healing hands – An Enchanted Desert Refuge under an Infinite Sky.

We use sound, color, smell, taste and touch to broaden and deepen the scope of your basic senses, attuning your awareness beyond ordinary perception to awaken a higher nature with a new sense of responsibility, generosity of spirit and quality of love.

Each day we provide a daily dose of energy through the language of the senses—private vibrational therapies, hands-on bodywork and group experiences in sensory integration: time spent with nature in our desert wonderland—Native American Vision Journey—a sound concert using ancient Tibetan singing bowls and chants—energy-enlivening body movements such as Tai Chi and Yoga, intuitive writing and water color – daily meditation—nutritious meals and beds like clouds.

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