The Treatment Center & Spa Services

Mental Health Counseling - $250 for 50 min.

Sid Young, PhD., Mental Health Director and licensed Psychologist. Specializing in psychological functioning, cognitive and emotional well being, addiction, grief, and post traumatic stress disorders.

Wisdom Soul Coaching - $125 for 50 min.

Janice Brooks is a certified and licensed Life Coach, professional speaker, public affairs consultant, corporate communications specialist, freelance writer, poet and storyteller.

She leads her clients to discover the invisible workings of grace in their life. She facilitates a journey into an intuitive space for creative exploration – to assist in making life’s decisions, shifts and changes from a place of joy and confidence. Working on a participatory level, she assists clients in excavation deep into the human physic for transformational healing and soul renewal. Blending a synthesis of life coaching strategies and techniques, primordial wisdom practices, cognitive healing modalities and intuitive guidance, she is a gifted life and soul transformation midwife.

Personal Tai Chi Instruction - $50 for 50 min.

Tai Chi is simple and easy to do, yet benefits us on many deep and complex levels. Tai Chi’s slow, relaxed movements incorporate breathing and relaxation techniques that cleanse our mind, body, and emotions each time we go through the gentle movements. Tai Chi is designed to uncover and release the places we hold tension or blocked energy. When our mind holds onto issues (fears, obsessions, angers, and so on) our body literally squeezes itself with tension. Going slowly through the movements is like doing an internal scan of the entire body to clear and release any place the body is gripping onto tension.

Personal Fitness Assessment - $99 for 50 min.

Testing and evaluation that provides a personal fitness level benchmark for your age category, including information about cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and body flexibility. Tests include: weight and measure, body fat percentage, muscle strength test, cardiovascular test, flexibility test, and bone density test.

The Path of the Labyrinth - $125 for 50 min.

The path of the labyrinth is often a metaphor for the Path of Life. Although the center my be visible, the path is often filled with unexpected turns. It is our hope that this Symbolic Journey will provide you with the strength to continue along the path you have chosen or the courage to change.

Our souls hunger for the lost connection to our intuitive nature expressed through myths, dreams, stories, and images. We long for a creative, symbolic process the nurtures our spiritual nature, that feeds our soul.
— Dr. Lauren Artress, “Walking the Sacred Path”

The therapist directs a walk along circular paths representing a spiritual journey through various aspects of self to the wisdom center, where resolution occurs and answers appear. The path can be a catharsis to purge oneself of anger or grief and enhance the creative process to provide solutions to questions involving your job, relationships, or spiritual beliefs.

Personalized Meditation Classes - $99 for 50 min.

A large body of research exists confirming the healing benefits of meditation, using both Eastern and Western techniques to move attention from the stimuli and tensions of the outside world to the silence within. We are certified directors of ancient Labyrinth walking meditation and our own exceptional guidance and training.

Each private session teaches special techniques for relieving stress and anxiety to induce inner quietude so necessary in today’s busy world. Learning to control tension in the muscles and attention in the mind brings healthy stamina and balance to cellular activity, heart rhythms, brain waves, and access to higher consciousness.

Private Training - $99 for 50 min.

Yoga, Pilates, Breathing Lessons.