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Green Valley Spa is located on the bottom of an ancient inland sea, once filled with sea water and enormous bogs of plant life where mighty dinosaurs walked its sandy shores.

Today, many millennia since, this vast sea has condensed into a basin forming a great salty lake, world famous for its rich mineral assets.

As the waters condensed, they left deposits of sea salts, clay, vegetation and other life forms in the towering sandstone cliffs high above the sandy desert floor. The plants that grow so abundantly here are enriched by the gifts of their ancient predecessors. They thrive in this virgin soil, untouched by chemical fertilizers, unpolluted in a vast open sky, uncultivated or cross-bred--nourished by the rain and brilliant sunshine.

We use these invaluable resources as a basis for the tinctures and lotions that are applied during our treatment session. Salt, clays, sand, and vegetation are gathered by hand and prepared before each treatment here in our Green Valley laboratory.

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relaxation center | services offered and descriptions | spa shop