A refuge from the chaos. A place to become calm.


Our Relaxation Center, with its many services, has been developed over many years of study to enhance the sense of pleasure in all that life brings and to revitalize the mind as well as the muscles.  The process used at Green Valley is a total sensory experience--one that uses the basic senses as a guide to that special condition of lightness and clarity. Each day the Center is adorned with fresh flowers, aromatics, music, and even subtly flavored and scented water to tantalize and impress the senses.

Privacy & Protection

We are always aware of the privacy factor and have arranged for dressing and undressing to take place in individual rooms. Our treatments include a technique of draping that assures each guest will be modestly covered at all times. We take special pride in the cleanliness and sterile conditions of our treatment center. Therefore, our policy requires that all street clothes be removed so that infectious matter will not be carried inadvertently into the treatment rooms.

Our daily routine begins with a gentle germicidal cleansing and moisturizing process. A mild, nontoxic compound, derived from our natural desert resources, is applied and then rinsed away to sanitize and gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Green Valley makes its own body & skin care line of products used everyday in the Treatment Center

Green Valley Spa is located on the bottom of an ancient inland sea, once filled with sea water and enormous bogs of plant life where mighty dinosaurs walked its sandy shores.

Today, many millennia since, this vast sea has condensed into a basin forming a great salty lake, world famous for its rich mineral assets.

As the waters condensed, they left deposits of sea salts, clay, vegetation and other life forms in the towering sandstone cliffs high above the sandy desert floor. The plants that grow so abundantly here are enriched by the gifts of their ancient predecessors. They thrive in this virgin soil, untouched by chemical fertilizers, unpolluted in a vast open sky, uncultivated or cross-bred--nourished by the rain and brilliant sunshine.
We use these invaluable resources as a basis for the tinctures and lotions that are applied during our treatment session. Salt, clays, sand, and vegetation are gathered by hand and prepared before each treatment here in our Green Valley laboratory.
These products are available for purchase online www.greenvalleyskincare.com