Signature Treatments

Our renowned Signature Treatments are designed here and not found elsewhere – they not only act to cleanse toxic overload that prevents our natural systems from absorbing nutrients, but reduce deteriorating conditions that accompany the aging process, leaving the skin (our largest eliminative organ) smooth, hydrated, receptive, and porous, allowing the elimination of excess waste fluids and gases to occur.

Pearl Skin Polish - $120 for 50 min.

This treatment uses rare powdered pearls, fine sun-drenched sand, and extracts of wild desert plants to dissolve dead, flaky residue and other debris that collects in and around the skin cells, preventing infectious matter from settling inside the tissues. Leaves the skin porous, allowing elimination of excess waste fluids and gases. Gentle compression alleviates bubbled, pocked-marked areas. Bathing in frankincense, myrrh, and roses generates new cell proliferation to counteract the loosening effects of aging.

Waterfall Head and Scalp Therapy - $120 for 50 min.

As warm water flows down the back of the head and over receptor points, its gentle movement calms and yet quickens scalp, cleansing away waste residue. Stills conscious thought, lowers brain-wave activity, and rejuvenates reflex response centers for increased mental and physical mobility (very popular with sports enthusiasts).

Desert Clay Body Mask - $120 for 50 min.

Removes residue underneath surface layers with poultice-like action, allowing noxious gases caught in the subcutaneous levels to move up and out through the surface. A light brushing technique brightens, firms, and increases skin flexibility and tensile strength.

Medicine Wrap - $120 for 50 min.

Not your ordinary herbal wrap! Our wraps are heated in an aqueous solution of wild desert plants growing in the crevices of local mineral-rich sandstone, selected for purifying properties. For truly effective results, the therapist adjusts the heat during the process, preventing body temperature from rising too high and necessary moisture level from depletion. This thermal technique heightens cellular activity for detoxification – melts away aches and pains through back and shoulders, elbows, and knees. Aids in releasing excess fluid held in the tissues.

Sugar & Spice Body Sculpting - $120 for 50 min.

Sugar and Spice and everything tight! A spicy sugar rubdown followed by a light compression wrap to induce bonding of fibrous tissues for a firm, defined shape. The final step takes an exotic turn: a silky bath in our Sea Grotto Room to relieve discoloration and blotchy patches over the skin.

Seven Heavens Aromatherapy - $120 for 50 min.

All seven levels of human experience are present in the frequency patterns of the Seven Chakra Centers and corresponding lateral pulse points. This treatment uses seven pure essential oil blends, each carefully designed to resonate with the oscillating pattern of each chakra. Techniques include light movement over each chakra point and gentile extension, rotation, and rocking to activate lateral points. Strengthens the muscles, brightens the mind, and opens the heart. Combats anxiety and emotional turmoil in general.