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Mind Map

Annalee Allred, Natural Healing Center Director and acclaimed expert in the therapeutic use of light and its many colors, brings thirty years of research, experience and a highly-sensitive visual perception (like a digital readout) to this simple but remarkable developmental process. 

Afterwards, she builds an original Color Spectrum to take home as a reminder of your true uniqueness.


We all have an Energetic Signature – an original Frequency Pattern unlike any other recognizable in the harmonic overtones of our voice and natural scent – as distinct as our fingerprint – easily discernible to those who are attuned to subtle energy or “vibes” – we could name this pattern our Inner Blueprint, Native Architecture or Nature of Spirit. 

This pattern is encoded in even our tiniest cell and radiates through and around us, activating certain neural-chemical pathways and energetic byways – winding from left to right, right to left, up and down – following our Native Blueprint along the path to recognize feelings, process thought, function at an optimum performance level and mobilize our dearest dreams and possibilities.

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This session is designed to activate our Essential Nature, to mobilize the unique characteristics of our Inner Self – (our special gifts, aptitudes, and possibilities) and explore how “being at home with our Self” leads to an effective and authentic interaction with our world and others.

Invaluable for: 

  • Satisfying partnership and career choices.
  • Transformational shifts in interpersonal relationships.
  • Understanding how our self-expression may create or eliminate areas of conflict.
  • Accessing your inner wisdom and intuition.
  • Opening the door to a healthier, happier, more energetic life.


When our body parts and passions move in harmony with our essential nature, we feel dierent somehow, more complete, lighter and at ease – and then, as a shift occurs, we are home – home with our authentic Self – the Self we were designed to be.

And in the course of our daily lives, we begin to notice new ideas and concepts that catch our attention – activities and pursuits that ignite our passions – maybe a new design for the household, or perhaps, we feel drawn to participate in social reform, write a book, compose a concerto, develop new scientic insight and know-how, or bring relief to the world’s suering people. 

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“This session totally surprised me by the impact and depth it had on my self-awareness and acceptance...I find myself reflecting back on what was presented and find a greater acceptance of the many facets in my personality which had previously bothered me”

As more time has passed, certain key points remain fresh in my memory, only because they meant so much to me and had such an impact on my life. For example, the nature of my spirit requires that I schedule ahead time-out for myself in order to get grounded and centered, to look within and regroup.”

“I learned that I am more comfortable making slow decisions rather than quick ones, learned to take my time even though others may find this deliberativeness hard to understand – learned to trust others who are comfortable reacting quickly and to trust their contribution – all in all, I learned what works for me and not to fight what come naturally”

“Your work is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I so enjoyed The
Mind Map experience with you. Your words – and color – will live with me forever. What
an amazing adventure.”