Green Valley Spa Treatment Menu


At Green Valley, we have developed an enlivening process which not only acts to beautify the skin--our precious outer coat--but allows the body's natural systems to absorb nutrients, release toxic waste, and strengthen cellulose fibers for increased elasticity and resilience.

Pre-Treatment Bath
Like bathing in ancient sea water! A few minutes is all it takes to loosen muscles and quiet the mind in preparation for each treatment. Leaves skin resilient, smooth and receptive. A perfect place for color therapy to work its wonders! You will find any massage treatment more beneficial with a pre-treatment mineral bath. Please Pre-Schedule at the Spa reception desk and arrive 15 minutes before treatment for your bath.
Seven Heavens Aromatherapy
All seven levels of human experience are present in the frequency patterns of the seven chakra centers and corresponding lateral pulse points. This treatment uses seven pure essential oil blends, each carefully designed to resonate with the oscillating pattern of each chakra. Techniques include light movement over each chakra point and gentle extension, rotation, and rocking to activate lateral points. Strengthens the muscles, brightens the mind, and opens the heart. Combats anxiety and emotional turmoil in general.
Pearl Skin Polish
A slimming treatment. Uses exquisite powdered pearls and fine sun-drenched sand to gently exfoliate and enliven the skin's outer coat. Gentle compression alleviates bubbled, pocked-marked areas below the surface. Afterwards, bathing in frankincense, myrrh, and roses generates new cell proliferation to counteract the loosening effects of aging. Cleopatra never had it so good!
Sugar & Spice Body Sculpting
Sugar & Spice and everything tight! A spicy sugar rubdown followed with a light compression wrap to induce bonding of fibrous tissues for a firm, defined shape. The final step takes an exotic turn--a silky bath in our Sea Grotto Room to relieve discoloration and blotchy patches over the skin.
Painted Desert Clay
Eons ago, our desert clay was formed in a seabed, nourished by pure waters rich in mineral salts and ancient marine vegetation. As the warm, wet clay is brushed lightly over the skin, it delivers it's precious nourishment to enliven a dull, lifeless body and mind. Allowed to dry and brushed away, reduces excess water weight and strengthens skin tone.
Herbal Wrap
Thermal technique heightens cellular activity to melt away aches and pains through back and shoulders, elbows and knees.
Waterfall Therapy
As warm water flows down the back of the head and over receptor points, its gentle movement clams and yet quickens scalp, clearing away waste residue. Stills conscious thought, lowers brain-wave activity, and rejuvenates reflex response centers for increased mental and physical mobility.
Revitalizing Massage
Smooth even strokes calm, purify and release tension, leaving tissues light and free. Resculpts a tense, tight body into one that moves freely and performs without effort, feels relaxed yet invigorated, awakened, alive, and sooo content!
Sports Massage*
For all-over toning and tension release, to stimulate metabolic rate for increased circulation, respiration ratio and tensile strength.
Ultimate Massage (100 min)
Make your favorite treatment last even longer (100 minutes).
Neural-Muscular Massage
Specialized techniques and trigger-point pressure releases constricted or aggravated muscle groups throughout body, such as shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.
Neural Repatterning
Extension, rotation, and energetic massage techniques repattern the neural relay systems to break down old habits and attitudes, allowing for rapid reflex responses and decision-making.
Oriental Shiatsu
Accupressure massage developed in Japan. Applies firm but not acute pressure to specific points in the body to stimulate and unblock "meridians" (pathways through which life energy flows).
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage*
Therapist uses soft inner arm in rhythmic movements to create a dance of long gliding and stretching strokes--hands, fingertips, knuckles and elbows for deeper pressure. Soothed with the luscious scent and sounds of the Aloha Islands and the traditional Hawaiian healing motions, your body will fall into deep contentment and pure delight.
Steaming Stones*
As smooth warm stones glide over the skin to dissolve tense, tight tissues within, sweet smelling grasses activate the olfactory system to combat emotional distress and the muffled cadence of native drumming lulls the busy mind into a blissful state of sweet surrender and rest. Highly requested.
Full-Body Reflexology
Reduces shoulder and back pain, headaches, and increases stress resilience. Stimulates the circulatory and nervous system, thus synergizing and toning the entire body. Thoroughly works feet, ankles, hands, shoulders, neck, ears, and scalp.
Lymphatic Massage
Light flowing strokes over lymphatic byways with deliciously scented and detoxifying essential oils stimulate release of waste residue throughout the body. Improves circulation, breathing, and tissue resilience. Especially effective for improved metabolism, weight control, and depression.
Duet Massage (2 Therapists)
Two therapists treat you to the modality of your choice.
Couples Massage
Now you and your partner can enjoy a private aromatic bath together, followed by a double massage performing the modality of your choice. Also available in the privacy of your room.
In-Room Massage (Suites Only) $175
*Treatment offered in 50 & 100 min. sessions
Sea Clay Ultra-Cleansing & Exfol.
Enlivens, brightens, refines skin texture, leaving tissues soft yet firm. Uses ancient sea-bottom clay with naturally-occurring salts for a complete spectrum of mineralized elements needed by the cells to operate at an optimum level. Special lubrication agents protect against harsh elements such as sun and wind.
Anti-Aging Enzyme Replacement
Uses the enzymatic action of the highest quality genuine pearls reduced to a fine powder and unprocessed wild desert honey to rehydrate and resurface upper layers, balance acid conditions to alleviate inflammation, redness, rough or dry conditions and combat bloating.
Cinnamon Sugar Uplift
Uses a carbon solution that quickens the action of botanicals, enabling them to assemble and deliver nutrients while leaving the facial cells inert and receptive. Begins with a deep cleansing polarized light treatment which also seems to decrease wrinkling, brown spots, and other conditions related to the aging process. Followed by our uplifting cinnamon sugar compound. A non-surgical uplift.
Chinese Restructuring
To define bone structure and mend the face where it seems to be broken. Uses accupressure, tapping, brushing, and gentle skin rolling to buttress the infrastructure for strength and flexability.
Back Facial
(add $15 for vitamin C application)
Clears blemishes and roughened patches with polarized light beam, gentle exfoliation, mineralized clay mask and hydrating fluid.
Cranio-Sacral Therapy (100 Min)
For chronic pain, headaches, learning disabilities, to assist emotional stability, recommended following surgery or traumatic injuries, this gentle technique restores energetic flow to lighten and revitalize blocked areas. Often a transcendent experience.
Aura & Chakra Analysis
Using the science of BioFeedback, Color Therapy and Energy medicine measure, analyze and display an accurate representation of your current emotional energetic state.
Sound & Light
Medicine of the future--in our specially-designed chair, the resonance of sound, stone, color and scent combine to broaden and deepen your everyday perception, allowing access to the higher mind where troublesome concerns are resolved peacefully without upset or confusion. Treatment is individually programmed for each client.
Reconnection Therapy
A new and very powerful high frequency energetic modality that carries light and information from Higher Consciousness. It works very deeply at a quantum, inter-dimensional level to facilitate balance and healing of body, mind, and spirit,
Foot Grooming w/Reflexology
If your tires feel flat, let us change them! As you rest, we'll relieve the pressure on your feet and legs, polish away callouses, trim your nails, and restore your bounce and spring. Includes warm beeswax treatment with reviving, antifungal essential oils and nail buffing. Relieves aching, prickly feet.
Hand Grooming w/Reflexology
Rest your hands in a cocoon of heated beeswax to moisturize and soften the skin. After a pressure point massage for hands, wrists, and elbows, we groom the nails and shine them with powdered pearls. We do not include polish, polish remover or acrylic nails because toxic fumes endanger the respiratory and other systems.
Waxing (call for pricing)
Rapunzel's Secret Hot Oil Treat.
Rest in the spa garden beneath a willow tree while your head, neck, and shoulders are gently massaged with a special cream, scalp tenderly stimulated with fingertips, and a warm pack applied to the hair. While the pack works it's wonders, you are encased in warm, subtle garden fragrance and lulled by soft breezes. Rehydrates, strengthens, and enhances manageability while detoxifying the hair shaft and scalp. You arise feeling as if a fairy godmother has brushed you with her magic wand, changing all the ragged places into a shiny new cloth.
Body Bronzing w/Pearl Exfoliation
Face Paint for Personal Style*
By Annalee Allred, whose wizardry in creating a finished canvas for the part of you that shows has been sought after by clients throughout the spa world. Her skills will guide you in selecting and applying cosmetics professionally with the subtlety or boldness that suits your personal preference, your unique facial planes and coloring, or for special occasions.
Individualized Skin Care Regimen*
This session addresses personal skin care concerns and is designed especially to practice daily at home. Includes special cleansing, brushing, and accupressure techniques to keep facial skin clear, firm and youthful appearing. Let our facialist show you how to brush away the years.
Wardrobe Make-Over*
Basic wardrobe plan tailored to you--for clothing and accessories that work together, fit and say what you want them to say. Also special purpose wardrobe for job interviews, business meetings, gala evenings, traveling, etc. evaluation of wardrobe needs, body build, physical assets, life style, and clothing budget.
*Offered by appointment only
Body Structure Consultation
This evaluation determines your physical and metabolic type. Body composition analysis provides information that will establish a nutritional and exercise plan best suited to you. (test time--55 minutes).
Sports Psychology Coaching
Sports psychology introduces you tot he skills and strategies used by successful athletes and others to remove psychological obstacles and maximize capabilities. Provides improved focus, increased self confidence and enjoyment. These skills and strategies become powerful strategies for living and working in flow.
Personal Meditation Guidance
Special techniques for relieving stress and anxiety induces inner quietude so necessary to today's busy world. Learning to control tension in the muscles and attention in the mind brings healthy stamina and balance to cellular activity, heart rhythms, brain waves, and access to higher consciousness.
Personal Life Coaching
Provides the wisdom, expertise, and support for you to discover, design, and live your best life. Collaborating with you to clarify your challenges, leverage your gifts, and make powerful choices, the life coach focuses entirely on your success and happiness. The uniqueness of life coaching at Green Valley is the opportunity to continue the collaboration and support even after you return home.
Heart Centered Counseling
Investigate choices to conciously respond to fear that creates stress in everyday living and the unexpected.
Sports Bath for Heavy Minds/Muscles (30 mins) $40
Antidote-for the-blues Mineral Bath
(30 mins)
For lack-luster conditions within and without. Quiets a restless mind and lifts the spirit. Designed to release toxic-waste matter held within, lightening and brightening both tissues and mood. Helps to disperse troubled thoughts, aching head and heart, bringing relaxation and peace. Contains apple pectin, wild honey, sea salts, powdered pearls, and uplifting essential oils.
Cleopatra's Rejuvenating Bath
(30 mins)
This bath works to tighten and firm skin tone as it smoothes and softens surface cells. Special additives bring excess fluids up from subcutaneous levels, gently dissolving surface debris to stimulate new cell growth and moisturize, soothe, and reduce swollen places. Leaves the body feeling light and glowing. Contains rich, purified milk, wild honey, and precious oils to mend and beautify.
Water Shiatsu
This treatment takes place in chest-high warm water and involves both pressure point massage and a series of lengthening movements. Each session is not only a massage, but a powerful experience that allows many healing "shifts" of physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.
Flotation Repatterning (2 therapists)
Your body's innate intelligence guides a team of therapists working in waist-high warm water, freeing your body to move freely into positions it needs to release blockages and restrictions caused by physical and emotional pain. Profound treatment leaves you feeling peaceful and centered, like being born anew.
Inhalation Therapy
Based on research into the importance of the olfactory system by Nobel Prize winning Axel & Buck. More of our human genetic structure is attributed to smell than any other sense except the immune system.
Intuitive Reading
During this private session, Marissa Morin uses her extra-ordinary gifts to map the energetic system and detect blockages or irregularities. We suggest you prepare a list of questions to bring with you to your session.
Shaman Card Reading
Utilizes the sixth sense for uncommon insight into the panorama of your life as it unfolds before you.
Shamanic Journey
Repetitiuos beat and cadence of native drumming moves ordinary awareness deep into the inner heart where hidden, latent knowledge and talents are held, experience is processed, and animal symbols are discovered and explored. Powerful practice for evolvement of the conscious state (individual meditateve journey).
Energy Balance
Clear and harmonize your being, that you may become an open channel walking between earth and sky, giving to the earth as she in return empowers you with her vital energies essential to health and well being. Opens and activates the chakra system ( energy centers).
Light Works
“Revolutionary Quantum Light Therapy”
Gwen facilitates the work of Marcell Vogel with an exquisite rainbow of crystal light pulsing from crown to base. Gently opens and revitalizes chakra system, stimulates flow of quantum energy throughout physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Labyrinth Work
The labyrinth is simply a tool that you can use to live a more satisfying life. It draws the spiritual seeker or the simply curious. It can be a place of prayer and meditation, or rest and reflection. While walking the path you may gain insights into ways you should change those parts of your life that are not working. The path can be a catharsis to purge oneself of anger or grief, or enhance the creative process to provide solutions to questions involving your job or your relationships.