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The body evolved this stress mechanism for short term events. When exposed to long term, severe and traumatic events, these powerful stress hormones cause harmful physical and mental illnesses. Persistent stress over long periods of time can destroy the body's ability to return to a state of equilibrium. People suffering with anxiety live between the stress event and the calm-a state of perpetual fear - where the body's stress hormones flood their systems 24 hours a day!

Stress seems virtually impossible to avoid and the complexity of our modern lifestyle has increasingly produced new and unique sources of stress that seek to destroy our happiness and put our health in jeopardy. The cost of stress related illnesses has also put a staggering toll on businesses and individuals with time lost from work and decreased productivity. It is estimated that $300 billion dollars a year is spent on stress related symptoms.

Common causes of Stress

  • Death of a loved one
  • Serious accident or injury
  • Toxic work environment and job termination
  • Legal problems
  • Loneliness or betrayal by a loved one
  • Financial problems
  • Victim of violence or abuse
  • Traumatic events, natural disasters
  • Divorce
  • Change of job or residence
  • New parents, or problems with children
  • Domestic disputes
  • Fertility issues
  • Retirement
  • Perceived failures, criticisms, or humiliation

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