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2 Mental & Emotional Health Consultations (50 minutes): Determination of stress factors and levels, and recommended methods of treating the psychological and behavioral symptoms of stress.

Sound Therapy: This is a concert of ancient instruments dating back many hundreds of years. Hand forged Tibetan metal bowls, ganta bells, chimes, and gongs create magnificent harmonics that align and shift the complex neural systems. The penetrating waves move over, around and through the body, sending strong vibrations that purify and detoxify physical and emotional states, assist in reducing pain, slow down brain waves and can bring profound spiritual awareness.

Scent Therapy - Inhale and Heal: Lara Wright – famous for her “nose” and highly accurate sense of smell, applied psychologist, intuitive, and founder of the Good Medicine organic products and laboratory.

Everyone has an inherent frequency pattern which is discernible, not only to animals but those humans with a developed senses of smell. Lara uses her extraordinary gift of smell to detect her client's unique pattern and the areas where disruption may have occurred. She then combines rare essential oils into an alchemical scent that captures the innate frequency pattern of each person – an original essence to take with them. Calms basic instincts, clarifies emotional upset and mental confusion, making way for new insight and loving relationships. Bring any questions you may have to this session.

MindMap - Colors of the Mind: Annalee Allred, Treatment Center director and acclaimed expert in light and its many colors, brings thirty years of research, experience, and a highly-sensitive visual perception (like a digital read-out) to this simple but remarkable developmental process.

She places a series of colors in the outer energy field, she perceives how the frequency patterns engage with the free flow of energy in sequence with our natural inner rhythms (from left to right, right to left). This process disperses unrecognized fears and self-doubt that prevent full expression of self, revealing inherent characteristics of the inner self and how we are uniquely designed to recognize feelings, process thought, and function at an optimum performance level––unveiling our unique inner architecture––our true self, our latent abilities and highest purpose. Afterwards, she prepares an individual rainbow of color for each guest to take away – to mobilize our hidden inner assets.

Hot Oil Treatment: Rest while your head, neck, and shoulders are gently massaged with a special cream, scalp tenderly stimulated with fingertips, and a warm pack applied to the head. Reduces the effects of stress while stimulating the acupressure points on the scalp, hands, and feet.  

Shiatsu Acutonics: This acupressure massage applies firm, but not acute, pressure to specific points in the body to stimulate and unblock “meridians” (the pathways through which life energy flows). Includes the use of vibrational tuning forks to enhance stimulation to specific points, reducing the effects of stress hormones. 50 Minute Treatment of Choice: choose from over 50 stress melting spa treatments (see Treatment Center Menu of services).


See weekly schedule for group session times and locations: Tai chi, yoga, and meditation classes, daily guided hikes, fitness classes, healthy life-style education lectures and workshops.


Personal one-on-one sessions specifically designed for stress recovery: personal meditation instruction, personal Tai Chi instruction, Heart Centered counseling, life coaching, journaling and story telling workshop, personal yoga instruction, One on one healthy cooking instruction, personal fitness instruction, extra medical and mental health consultations


Specialized spa treatments to promote relaxation and inner peace: Pearl Skin Polish, Full-body Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Painted Desert Clay Therapy, Waterfall Head and Scalp Therapy, Acutonics, acupuncture/chiropractic care. Contact the Treatment Center for more information.

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