"Stress Reduction" Spa Treatments Menu


A modern day approach to Tribal rituals and Traditional therapies that aim to treat the whole person at the three basic levels of human consciousness or activity--physical, mental, emotional--and to reach for the higher realm--our conscious connection to spirit


Revitalizing Massage:
Smooth even strokes calm, purify and release tension, leaving tissues light and free. Resculpts a tense, tight body into one that moves freely and performs without effort, feels relaxed yet invigorated, awakened, alive, and sooo content!

Four Hands Massage:
Two therapists treat you to the modality of your choice.

Couples Massage:
Now you and your partner can enjoy a private aromatic bath together, followed by a double massage performing the modality of your choice. Also available in the privacy of your room.

Steaming Stones Massage:
As smooth warm stones glide over the skin to dissolve tense, tight tissues within, sweet smelling grasses activate the olfactory system to combat emotional distress and the muffled cadence of native drumming lulls the busy mind into a blissful state of sweet surrender and rest. Highly requested.

Full-Body Reflexology:
Reduces shoulder and back pain, headaches, and increases stress resilience. Stimulates the circulatory and nervous system, thus synergizing and toning the entire body. Thoroughly works feet, ankles, hands, shoulders, neck, ears, and scalp.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage:
Therapist uses soft inner arm in rhythmic movements to create a dance of long gliding and stretching strokes--hands, fingertips, knuckles and elbows for deeper pressure. Soothed with the luscious scent and sounds of the Aloha Islands and the traditional Hawaiian healing motions, your body will fall into deep contentment and pure delight.


Flotation Repatterning:
Your body's innate intelligence guides a team of therapists working in waist-high warm water, freeing your body to move freely into positions it needs to release blockages and restrictions caused by physical and emotional pain. Profound treatment leaves you feeling peaceful and centered, like being born anew.

For lack-luster conditions within and without. Quiets a restless mind and lifts the spirit. Designed to release toxic-waste matter held within, lightening and brightening both tissues and mood. Helps to disperse troubled thoughts, aching head and heart, bringing relaxation and peace. Contains apple pectin, wild honey, sea salts, powdered pearls, and uplifting essential oils.


New light-touch energetic technique from the Kansas Body/Mind/Spirit Center uses hands on or off the body to engage the client's higher intelligence. Relieves stress, chronic fatigue, low back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, supports biological systems to balance depression, eating disorders, allergies, and strengthens resistance to emerging debilitating conditions. Remarkable.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy (100 minutes):

For chronic pain, headaches, learning disabilities, to assist emotional stability, recommended following surgery or traumatic injuries, this gentle technique restores energetic flow to lighten and revitalize blocked areas. Often a transcendent experience.


Sound & Light:
Medicine of the future--in our specially-designed chair, the resonance of sound, stone, color and scent combine to broaden and deepen your everyday perception, allowing access to the higher mind where troublesome concerns are resolved peacefully without upset or confusion. Treatment is individually programmed for each client.

Labyrinth Work:
Our therapists directs a walk along circular paths representing a spiritual journey through various aspects of self to the wisdom center where resolution occurs and answers appear. Here energetic therapy is provided by the therapist. The return walk twists and turns as it moves back through these spaces, bringing new-found resolution, understanding, and purpose to our ordinary world.

Seven Heavens Aromatherapy:
All seven levels of human experience are present in the frequency patterns of the seven chakra centers and corresponding lateral pulse points. This treatment uses seven pure essential oil blends, each carefully designed to resonate with the oscillating pattern of each chakra. Techniques include light movement over each chakra point and gentle extension, rotation, and rocking to activate lateral points. Strengthens the muscles, brightens the mind, and opens the heart. Combats anxiety and emotional turmoil in general.

Personal Meditation Guidance:
Special techniques for relieving stress and anxiety induces inner quietude so necessary to today's busy world. Learning to control tension in the muscles and attention in the mind brings healthy stamina and balance to cellular activity, heart rhythms, brain waves, and access to higher consciousness.

Each individual session can be directed toward specialized interests of client.

  • Centering Through Breathing
  • Introduction to Mediation
  • De-Tensing
  • Guided Mediation

Life Coaching:
Provides the wisdom, expertise, and support for you to discover, design, and live your best life. Collaborating with you to clarify your challenges, leverage your gifts, and make powerful choices, the life coach focuses entirely on your success and happiness. The uniqueness of life coaching at Green Valley is the opportunity to continue the collaboration and support even after you return home.