Past Guest Testimonials

The endorsements we cherish most come from the countless guests who've told us that Green Valley is simply the most remarkable place they've ever stayed.

“Green Valley is an oasis of serenity. In seventeen trips over the last fifteen years it has never failed to relax, rejuvenate and renew.  An extraordinary tennis program was the original attraction but I learned on the first trip that it offers so much more.

Green Valley has always been an open invitation to be or pursue whatever moves you. If you're interested in health, they will help you learn a healthier way to live. Weight control - they'll give you the tools to lose weight and help you achieve your goals. Stress release -no better place - the meditation, the classes, the labyrinth, a spa that provides complete relaxation and rejuvenation with the best massage therapists you will find anywhere.

The hiking is AWESOME! There's nothing like it. Breathtaking vistas. The guides who know the terrain and the history of the canyons. A daily offering of as many as four different hikes, ranging from an easy walk all the way to a strenuous challenge to the most experienced hiker. It's possible to stay several weeks and not repeat the same hike twice.

The accommodations are fantastic. Casitas that have everything you want in comfort - with beds that, once you're in the bed you think "why would I ever get out of this bed?" I do not exaggerate.

And the Residences are luxury befitting royalty. Big, bright, plush with room to meet with friends every night - if that's your thing. And you'll make friends every time you go to Green Valley - if that's your thing.

Most importantly, is the wonderful group of caring individuals who comprise the staff. They don't just make you feel as if they care - they actually care. They are as invested in you achieving your goals as you are - maybe more so.”

– Sharon, VA

“I think of Green Valley Spa and automatically calm. Powerful memories of openness and peace. In my mind, I feel the vastness of the desert and breathe in the scent of warm desert sage; I hear the quiet trickling water of the spa fountains and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. Every year I remember and smile. I look forward to each visit not only to be offered the opportunity to profoundly relax and be pampered, but also to enjoy the offered spa activities and the healthy, delicious cuisine. Quite simply,Green Valley is an oasis far away from the stresses of my everyday life. I need to plan my next trip soon! ”

– Rebecca

"More than fifteen years ago, I chose Green Valley Spa, sight unseen, because it had an outdoor hiking program. The hiking program far exceeded my expectations then and has continued to get better each time I have returned. Although the spa itself is not in a particularly beautiful area, the hiking scenery is spectacular. The guides are excellent in their craft, are safety oriented, and are caring. There are enough different hikes so that one does not repeat on a multi-week stay; and there is a choice of hiking difficulty levels. The spa treatments are better than others I have had elsewhere; and there are a variety of choices. In addition, the weight loss program has been a success for me. This past year, the food was excellent. The accommodations are spacious and comfortable, and the staff is gracious and welcoming. Every time that I have left Green Valley, I have been slim (or at least, slimmer) and toned and refreshed mentally and physically.

I am already thinking about my next trip. I need to hear from the reservationists about what specials you will have for January 2013."

– D, Florida

"I lead a stressful life and have for many years. In the late 90s my sister-in-law and I went to Green Valley Spa for the first time. We’d been there about 4 days when I mentioned to her that I felt very strange. After discussing my sensations for a few minutes she figured it out…”That feeling,” she said, “is relaxed”. I have tried to return to Green Valley every year since--only now I begin to experience the beginnings of that relaxed feeling when I locate my seat on the plane--knowing that everything at the Green Valley Spa will be wonderful and welcoming--and that the most difficult decision I will be asked to make is what type of treatment I want next-- is a true relief.

One year I was walking through the Las Vegas airport on my way home when a woman I did not know stopped me. “What have you been doing?” She asked, “You are so centered and serene. You glow!” “It’s the Green Valley effect,” I answered.

I can’t wait to experience it again. See you for a week in February."

– C., Washington

"I came to Green Valley Spa 6 years ago. I had never been to a spa before and just needed to get away for awhile. I bought a Spa Vacation Magazine and Green Valley was voted best spa that year. It was in the states, looked small enough not to overwhelm a rookie and seemed to be fair in it's pricing.That was 6 years ago and I am now on my 8th visit. It was such a wonderful experience and got me over my hump with flying colors. I did not have to worry about counting calories or a buffet line that I have to count my own caloric intake from. Everyone made you feel so comfortable and were and are willing to work with any special requests from guests. I met some great friends while staying and still keep in touch with some of them. The hikes are amazing and not the cookie cutter trail hikes but hikes that will take you to some of the prettiest mountains and valleys in the area. The classes are a lot of fun and you have the ability to do as much or as little as you wish. The treatment center is by far the best I have ever been to. Coming back on an annual basis (and sometimes more often if I can sneak away) gives me my recharge as I like to call it to make it to another year and back for another recharge. It is such a gorgeous location with great food, service and people. I suggest you look into Green valley for a recharge this year."

– Susan, Florida

"John and I as well as our nephew and nieces have very great memories of our visits to GVS. I believe I visited ten times. It was all about the service and atmosphere. I came back home excited to state "I did it!!!!" --whether it was accomplishing the morning hikes or losing weight or learning Tai Chi or following Miriam's vigorous pool exercises."

– Maryann, MA

"When I come to Green Valley, it's like coming home. I've loved everything; the people, the food, the walks, the lovely accommodations.

Two things stand out in my mind:

1. When I lost my husband, over two years ago, the people at Green Valley were so warm and understanding. Mike made it his business to provide a special walk, for me, alone, with music, around the labyrinth. I came back to Vegas, renewed in body and in spirit. To this day I have an "up" attitude...a good part due to what I learned at Green Valley.

2. When I had trouble with my knee, and was unwilling to undergo an operation, one of the lovely water instructors, took the time to mention a particular liquid that helped her, and to this day, has been a part of my daily regimen (without operation). For this, I am also eternally grateful.

Thank you, Green Valley. Your loyal customer."

– Dee, Las Vegas

"What makes Green Valley distinctive is that the GV staff people you interact with are human beings of dimension, compassion, and skill who listen, consider your unique situation, and try to bring their knowledge to bear in helping you. (I stayed at two other famous spas before finding GV, and during those visits, neither fit this description.)

More particularly, GV has provided me with:

• Medical consultations -- combining the best of Western medicine and alternative approaches -- that substantially improved my overall health, physical functioning, and the quality of my life.

• Masterful massages -- which helped both body and spirit -- from talented people who obviously respect the art and science of their work, and respect you.

• Unforgettable,"music-to-the soul" hikes to the beautiful desert led by interesting characters who are knowledgeable about the desert and the "how to's" of hiking, from the most basic to the very technical levels.

• Recommendations for tailoring my physical exercise program to take into account physical limitations due to injuries and other functional impairments.

• Educational sessions that provide insights into living a healthier and more satisfying life.

• Healthy, tasty food prepared by chefs quite willing to help you learn how to continue eating this way back home."

– Mary, WA

"I Love Green Valley!!! The experience is like no other. Every year I either bring family members or friends for a week. Green valley encompasses and brings alive all the senses which makes for a total body, mind and spirit transformation. Green valley is the perfect place to de-stress and revive a tired mind and body. I am a better person because of the experiences I have had at GreenValley. Kudos to the owners and staff for such a beautiful and wonderful place to visit."

– Kathryn

"I live in Colorado, and have hiked Utah, Arizona, and California as well. Green Valley offers some of the best hiking I have ever done. I particularly like the ones with obstacles, but they are all beautiful."

– Tim, CO

"I am a bit of a spa junkie, but Green Valey Spa has, by far, the best products I have found. I also love the massages you can have in your own room. They are better than an Ambien, before bed."

– Roxanne, CO

“Charles and I have been contemplating another October get away! We enjoyed your food service and quality, pool, grounds, room etc but particularly enjoyed the hiking experience with Mark. Mark’s knowledge and ability to impart same were exceptional. Also, we should mention Andy who transported us to and from the airport—he also was very helpful, informative and courteous.

At your earliest convenience please let us know of any promotions, packages, etc that you might be offering for latter October of this year as we are considering booking a similar adventure.”

– Damian, TX

“During all my visits to Green Valley Spa I have always felt right at home. It is a family owned resort that strives to make you comfortable. The owners being readily accessible to talk with you and discuss your stay is a wonderful personal touch.

The Spa treatments are truly amazing. Before each treatment you can choose a bath that is specially prepared using the color of the day that stimulates your senses. They have an incredible staff to help you design the best experience for you according to your needs and desires.

The grounds are very beautiful, peaceful and surrounded by lovely gardens, statues and a glorious Labyrinth that is available for you at all times. Lectures, exercises classes, meditation and yoga are part of your daily schedule. I highly recommend Green Valley Spa for a wonderful experience where all your needs are met."

– Laura

“I visited Green Valley for the Fast Track Weight Loss Program (Simeons' Protocol). It was the most successful program with a loss of 22 lbs. while at Green Valley and an additional 40 lbs. since returning home. The food at Green Valley was excellent and I did not feel starved. I cannot say enough about the staff from the time I landed in St. George until the time I left. Everyone was always available and helpful. I did not have a complaint about any thing or any body. The service was so good I refer to my experience as a “land cruise”. I look forward to returning.”

– Edgar, ID

"You know exactly how my stay at Green Valley was. Besides the great food (who knew I only ate 500 calories / day), and sumptuous living areas my interaction with the staff made the difference. The staff at Green Valley made me feel at home even on my first day there. As my stay progressed, the myriad of programs, exercise options and general ambiance made for a restorative and restful stay. I got my head screwed back on to all of the positives in my life and found that only I can control my destiny. I cannot rely on a pill or shot or even someone else to bring back the calm and sanity in my own life. I look back on the four weeks that I spent at Green Valley as an epiphany of sorts. I note only lost weight but I gained life long friends that I still talk to, and found a way of life that has enhanced my well being. I can certainly state that Green Valley is the Emerald City in the desert. If you come to Green Valley with an open heart and mind and come to seek a way to bring yourself the peace and contentment you will find it at Green Valley. Though thought of by some as unconventional, getting my Chakra's aligned and learning how to push negative energy and negative thoughts to the back of my mind have helped me immensely. Anytime you want to hear more, just let me know.

I still do my water aerobics and am now an instructor. Got my mother to got to Yoga and she is a convert. I do my meditation and have kept the weight off for 2 years. Thanks Green Valley, especially Mike, Frances, and Miriam for making the difference for me!!!"

– Linda, OH

"I came to Green Valley in 1996, and have been back almost every year since. Whenever friends ask me why I do not try someplace else, my answer is simple - there is nothing about GV that I would change. From the amazing hiking, beautiful rooms, and luxurious treatments, it completely relaxes and energizes at the same time. I look forward to another trip soon!"

– Kathy

"The people at Green Valley make the experience life changing. With a small select group of guests the staff can customize the visit to you. The servers in the dining room will remember your name and what you like to eat, the massage therapists remember what pressure you like in a massage, the hike guides know your endurance level and the spiritual staff helps guide you to your next "ah ha" moment. This all takes place in beautifully peaceful setting amongst the red rocks and green valley. What else could you ask for?"

– Erin

"Each year for the past five years my sister, neice and I spend a week at Green Valley to recuperate from our demanding jobs. The combination of very comfortable rooms, healthy food, hiking offerings, pool settings, and variety of excellent classes and spa treatments allows us to end our week feeling totally renewed and rejuvinated. Many aspects of Green Valley distinquish them from other spas but the one differentiator in my mind is the way you are pampered during the spa treatment process, from the unusual warm-up baths to the room settings to the variety of services. Green Valley will remain on our must list until retirement!"

– Yvonne

"I have come to think of Green Valley as my second home...I dearly love the staff and everyone who works there...I come to the spa not only to relax and smell the roses (literally) but to loose weight and get myself back onto my health and fitness track (physically and mentally). It is a place to be nurtured, drop some weight, climb a few mountains, swim, eat healthy, organic, delicious food, meditate, dream a little...It is a place to deeply refuel, so that when you go back into your world again, you have the strength, the confidence and the good will, to dare to dare and go after some of those dreams you have put away until 'someday'!

– Karen, CA

"In 1999 I made my first trip to Green Valley and it truly changed my life. I was grieving and friends encouraged me to "get away" and that week was a catalyst for not only healing from my loss, but it started a journey of discovery for me that continues today. I have returned more than a dozen times. Sometimes I go alone and sometimes with family and friends and each time I come home a better person.

What is it about Green Valley that would have me choose to return almost every year? I have considered exploring a different spa....and my decision always remains the same. Green Valley is perfect for me, and the familiarity of going back makes the transition to relaxation so much quicker. I am instantly at peace when I walk through the doors.

Green Valley has perfected the creation of the rare balance of serenity and intense challenge. The colors, art, flowers, luxurious linens, cabanas, scents and music create a perfect setting for relaxing and stretching and finding a quiet place to just be. Meditation and yoga classes, walking the labyrinth, rose gardens surrounding the pools and gourmet but healthy meals add to the sense of peace. The spa treatments are incredible and I have traveled around the world and tried massages everywhere and never found more competent and caring therapists. The Native American treatments with Gwen Moon are unique and give guests a rare chance to experience time with a healer who has an extraordinary gift and who shares a perspective that excites and challenges the mind. I use lessons from Gwen in all that I do back in the "real world".

But the most compelling pull that Green Valley has that distinguishes it among all places is the hiking program. Every day the inspiring and knowledgeable staff lead guests on adventures that almost cannot be described. All levels of hikers can experience breathtaking vistas, splendid desert and mountain beauty and can be challenged to their personal level of interest and ability. The result is an exhilarating morning of spectacular scenery with guides who show you tucked away places of nature's perfection, while giving you a chance to do what you've never done before. I have hiked with 80 year olds and 16 year olds and everything in between and over the years have gone from a simple walk to scrambling, repelling, zip lining and using ropes to take me to places I never thought I could reach. The guides encouraged me to push myself and when I did, the sense of accomplishment and pride was amazing. I have photos in my home and office of red rocks and sage and places so lovely that even the photo makes me stop and smile and to remember that I can do whatever I choose.

Green Valley heals, inspires, stretches, satisfies, teaches, pampers, rewards and motivates. It is a place for being in nature, it is a chance for quiet reflection, and it is a journey for physical well being. But most of all,Green Valley is a place to find balance and harmony."

– CRoy

"I have been fortunate enough to spend one week every year at the Green Valley Spa for close to twenty years! It is a refuge for me to dedicate time to refresh and re-energize my physical and spiritual self. Every visit I take home a piece of Green Valley and incorporate it into my daily life.

Green Valley has so much to offer! You can make your visit whatever you want it to be to suit YOU.

Hiking at all ability levels with magnificent views
Spa Services by highly trained professionals
Superior meals
Incredible Staff whose main concern is to meet your needs and desires
Warm and welcoming accommodations (casitas) with many amenities
Variety of classes including exercise, stretch, aquacise, yoga, meditation...and more
HCG diet program
Superb Tennis College
Excellent Golf Lessons from a Golf Professional onsite and numerous golf courses in the immediate area to play
An array of unique experiences in the area such as Zion National Park, Bryce Mountain, rock climbing, zip lining, hiking in the Virgin River, horseback riding in the canyons - too many to mention here!
I look forward to my week at Green Valley from the minute I leave until my return a year later. I have brought many friends here who also return - and I have made new friends from all over the country who consider Green Valley an important part of their lives too. I highly recommend and encourage everyone to join our group of devoted attendees of the Green Valley Spa!"

– Eydie

"I find a special kind of magic at Green Valley Spa. It is the magic of healing peace, rejuvenation and miracles. The hiking in the glorious red desert takes my breath away and provides wonder and delight. The staff is some of the most caring you will find anywhere, and I regularly make new friends when I am at the spa. Many I keep forever. Guests are open, friendly and supportive so I am comfortable going to Green Valley alone when I need to restore myself or detox after Vegas. The spa is like slipping into heaven. All the products are made from the local desert and provide amazing results. The spa treatments are an oasis of tranquility and soothing energies. Without question, and on every visit, the spa cuisine is so delicious that I do not even realize I am cutting calories. In the past ten years, I have been to Green Valley four times because I can't find any place else like it on earth. This is a place of beauty, comfort and tranquility and I will return to it for the rest of my days. More importantly, I carry the memories of it with me every day."

– Laura

"The wonderful people at Green Valley Spa have always made our stay memorable. We have been welcomed like old friends each time we return. The food is nutritious and delicious; the services rejuvenating and the hiking spectacular . After only a few days I felt twenty years younger. I look forward to many return visits."

– Roger