Journey Into Healing

Our souls hunger for the lost connection to our intuitive nature expressed through myths, dreams, stories, and images. We long for a creative, symbolic process that nurtures our spiritual nature, that feeds our soul.
–Dr. Lauren Artress in “Walking the Sacred path”

Medicine today, whether holistic or conventional, has a rich heritage from the world's civilizations and cultures. These innovative sessions include age-old cultural healing techniques and tribal concepts with a modern approach—Shamanist Vision Journey, Tibetan Sound Concert with ancient bowls, chimes, pipes, chanting and dancing, a Mind Map Process, using color as a guide, to unveil individual pathways for heightened performance levels, Hawaiian bodywork, Spiritual Journey through the symbolic Labyrinth, and Oriental Movement and Breathing Techniques to heighten “chi” (life-healing energy).

The Way of the Ancients and Modern Physics

“The ancients used the language of the senses as powerful forces for health and stamina—such as sound (drumming, chanting) light and its many colors (sunlight, chakra healing), purifying scent (incense, body rubs), touch and movement (dancing, marital arts, yoga). Like mighty winds brushing away old fears, anger, and self-doubt that inhibit health and loving relationships (hidden deep within the psyche), they clear a space for the spirit to rise with peace and good fortune. Today, new science might describe this therapy differently—electromagnetic waves used to reprogram incoherent energetic fields, instigating new patterns of belief and behavior.”

Shamanic Vision Journey - $115 / 50 min.

You are invited on a magical journey to contact your personal animal guides. Gwen Moon, our native American teacher (Chippewa/Ojibwa), uses repetitious beat and cadence of native drumming and sweet-smelling grasses to lead the ordinary mind into a dreamlike state of tranquility where the inner world can be felt and listened to—where hidden, latent knowledge is held, experienced, and processed—where visions appear and gifts, higher values, and possibilities are revealed. Afterwords, she explores your insights with a traditional understanding of animal symbols—a powerful practice for evolvement of the conscious state.

Sacred Sound — A Personal Healing Concert - $115 / 50 min.

Donell DeMarquessa's experience in the healing arts spans at least two decades. She has explored and initiated many modalities of sound and its resonant effect for physical healing and spiritual development, as well as tribal rituals and cultural methods, including advanced bodywork, movement, and voice — often used together. This is a concert of ancient instruments dating back many hundreds of years. Hand forced Tibetan metal bowls, ganta bells, chimes, and gongs create magnificent harmonics that align and shift the complex neural systems. The penetrating waves move over, around and through the body, sending strong vibrations that purify and detoxify physical and emotional states, assist in reducing pain, slow down brain waves and can bring profound spiritual awareness.

The Path of the Labyrinth — A Journey to Overcome Life's Challenges - $115 / 50 min.

Mike Rice, highly-developed spiritual program director, meditation guide, and stress intervention expert, directs a walk along circular paths representing a spiritual journey through various aspects of self to the wisdom center, where resolution occurs and answers appear. The path can be a catharsis to purge oneself of anger or grief, or enhance the creative process to provide solutions to questions involving your job, relationships, or spiritual beliefs. If you desire, a note containing your aspirations and dreams can be prepared beforehand. If so, a ceremonial bowl holding warm charcoal is lighted in the center to burn away past regrets and send new intentions and dreams soaring with the smoke to higher realms.

“The path of the labyrinth is often a metaphor for the path of life.
Although the center may be visible, the path is often filled with unexpected turns.
It is our hope that this symbolic journey will provide you
with the strength to continue along the path you have chosen
or the courage to choose a different path.”
–Green Valley Spa

The Labyrinth design is of ancient origins and has been carved on rocks, painted on ceramics, woven into baskets, stamped on coins and carved into rock cliffs, sculpted out of turf and configured from raw stone and intricate tile work—found in such diverse cultures as the Ukraine, dating from 18,000 to 15,000 B.C.E., Sumatra, Peru, Egypt, India, Iceland, Scandinavia, the British Isles and as nearby as Galiseo, New Mexico—including spiritual paths such as the Jewish mystical tradition, the Hopi medicine wheel, Tibetan sand mandala, the Gothic Christian cathedrals—known to represent the journey of life as it winds, turns, and repeats until it reaches the center representing the heart of wisdom, then returns back out to the world with new understanding and peace. The Green Valley labyrinth meanders through the whole circle, making 34 turns before it reaches the center and is based on sacred geometry, which, according to Plato, “draws the soul to truth”.

HeartMath - $115 / 50 min.

HeartMath is a unique system of rigorous scientific research, validated techniques, leading-edge products and programs, and advanced technologies for people interested in personal development and improved emotional, mental and physical health. HeartMath is internationally recognized for our practical solutions to transform the stress of change and uncertainty, and bring coherence and renewed energy into people's lives.

The HeartMath approach is based on extensive research into the physiology of stress and emotions, and the importance of coherent communication between heart and brain. Our techniques, technologies and programs are scientifically validated and provide sustainable results. HeartMath's approach goes beyond traditional methods of stress reduction by incorporating two key elements: the heart and positive emotions. In the early '90's, HeartMath researchers identified a distinct pattern in the heart rhythms that is characteristic of positive emotions like appreciation, care, love, and compassion. These patterns reflect physiological coherence – when the heart, brain, and nervous system are working in harmony.

Emotions move faster than thought and are registered by the heart before the brain. The heart pulses out a rhythmic pattern that reflects our emotional state, transmitting this information to the brain, rest of the body, and even into the environment – via an electromagnetic field. Based on these discoveries, HeartMath created a set of positive-emotion-focused techniques that foster a state of coherence. These techniques have been proven to increase heart rhythm coherence and reduce stress and anxiety. There have been dozens of studies on these practices demonstrating the profoundly beneficial effects on the heart, cognitive functions, and overall health. HeartMath research demonstrates that we have more power over our emotional experiences than once thought.