Personal Counseling

To maximize your spa visit, add personal one-on-one sessions with our Professional Counseling and Medical Staff.


A large body of research exists confirming the healing benefits of meditation, using both Eastern and Western techniques to move attention from the stimuli and tensions of the outer world to the silence within. We are proud providers of HeartMath Institute's stress intervention techniques and biofeedback back programs, certified directors of ancient labyrinth walking meditations, and our own exceptional guidance and training/

Personal Meditation Guidance

With highly-trained meditation teacher, Mike Rice

Special techniques for relieving stress and anxiety induce inner quietude so necessary today's busy world. Learning how to control tension in the muscles and attention in the mind brings healthy stamina and balance to cellular activity, heart rhythms, brain waves, and access to higher consciousness. Each individual sessions can be direct toward specialized interests of the client.

  • Centering through Breathing
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • De-tensing
  • Guided Meditation and Visualization
  • Focusing
  • From Chaos to Peace of Mind
  • Controlling your Thoughts
  • Forging Ahead
  • A Beautiful Body, A Beautiful Mind

Training and Counseling

HeartMath™ Institute Programs

With Mice Rice, Meditation and Spiritual Programs Director

Stress intervention and biofeedback techniques to reverse stress and meet life's inevitable challenges.

HeartMath™ is a unique system of rigorous scientific research, validated techniques, leading-edge products and programs, and advanced technologies for people interested in personal development and improved emotional, mental and physical health. HeartMath is internationally recognized for practical solutions to transform the stress of change and uncertainty, and bring coherence and renewed energy into people's lives.

Heart Centered Counseling

Jonelle Reynolds, Psychologist and hypnotherapist

When the heart is closed, fear and doubt-filled thoughts can compulsively take over you mind, actions and reactions, resulting in confusion, pain, and tension. This session is designed to assist you finding your inner knowing in a safe, confidential environment—to open your heart to clarity and peace.

Career and Life Coaching

With renowned teacher, Janice Brooks

Janice offers educational, cultural, and spiritual counseling intended to heal the body,
nourish the soul and awaken your creative spirit.

Body Structure Consultation

With Marium Kroff

This evaluation determines your physical and metabolic type, providing a blueprint for an exercise and nutritional plan that will deliver the best results for you.

Counseling With Our Medical Professionals

For Medical problems as well as post-traumatic disfunction, drug and alcohol cessation, loss, broken hearts, weight control, anger, body image, etc.

Private Medical Consultation

With Gordon reynolds, M.D., Medical Director

Consultation will address personal health issues, provide a medical evaluation to uncover potential health risk factors and recommend a personalized program.

Private Mental Health Consultation

With Sid Young, Ph.D., Psychologist

Specializing in psychological functioning, cognitive and emotional well being, addiction, grief, and post traumatic stress disorders.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care

With Amerest Anderson, Chiropractic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist.

Treatment for headache, low back pain fibromyalgia, depression, stress, anxiety, pinched nerve, whiplash, neck pain, weight loss, and more available in a natural way. She also provides soft tissue release and Graston Technique.