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water therapies

water shiatsu
A form of aquatic bodywork, this treatment takes place in chest-high warm water and involves both pressure-point massage and a series of lengthening movements. Each session is not only a massage, but a powerful experience that allows many healing "shifts" of the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Freeing the spine while floating, supported by the therapist's arms, can lead to release of long-held physical and emotional tensions.
Price: $85.00/50 minutes

flotation repatterning
Your body's innate intelligence guides a team of therapists as they work in waist-high warm water to gently release old holding patterns. The water allows uninhibited movement, freeing your body to move freely into positions it needs in order to release blockages and restrictions caused by physical and emotional pain. Flotation Repatterning is a profound treatment that will leave you feeling peaceful and centered, like being born anew.
Price: $165.00/50 minutes

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relaxation center | services offered and descriptions | spa shop