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taking the waters

A little time spent in our mineral waters is all it takes to increase mobility, lighten a heavy heart, alter a dismal perspective, and discover anew the hidden but known parts of yourself.

We draw your own private bath in a specially lighted room filled with scented candles, fresh flowers and soft music.

Though our baths are disguised as a simple luxury to delight and tantalize the senses, they are really much more. You will find them a most effective treatment for all parts of yourself.

When used before and after physical activities, they accelerate performance level, lighten and strengthen muscles and other tissues crucial to mobility, flexibility,and reflex response capabilities, lift away residue to increase concentration and stimulate the sensory system to heighten autonomic mechanisms for rapid response and deepened perceptive skills.

We then add powdered pearls to firm and restore elasticity, milk, sugar cane and fruit crystals for a complete alpha-hydroxy complex to stimulate new cell growth, powdered potato for its cleansing and moisture-retention properties, plus pure essential oils and naturally-occurring color salts.

ancient sea mineral baths-pre treatment therapy
Like bathing in ancient sea waters! Ten short minutes is all it takes to loosen the muscles and quiet the mind in preparation for each treatment. Leaves skin resilient, smooth and receptive. A perfect place for color therapy to work its wonders!
Price: $10.00/10 minutes

ancient sea mineral bath-color therapy
This bath creates all the beneficial qualities of the shorter version and yet provides additional resting time for the senses to combat fatigue. As you rest, enveloped by the fragrant air, silky water with sounds and flavors of similitude, distinct patterns are activated in the brain, heart and cellular structure which initiate a particular conscious state or way of seeing. This sensual delight brings relief to the muscles, music to the heart, and resolution to the differing parts of ourselves--the part that thinks, the part that reflects, moving parts, and even the part that prays. To change a heavy aching feeling, inside or out, simply change the colors of your mind.
Price: $35.00/30 minutes

cleopatra's skin renewal bath
This bath works to tighten and firm skin tone as it smoothes and softens surface cells. Special additives bring excess fluids up from subcutaneous levels, gently dissolve surface debris to stimulate new cell growth, and moisturize, soothe, and reduce swollen places. Leaves the body feeling light and glowing. Contains rich, purified milk, wild honey, and precious oils to mend and beautify.
Price: $35.00/30 minutes

stress releasing sports bath
For sports enthusiasts, as well as tired feet and ankles, aching joints and sore muscles. Restores reflex responses, allowing free and easy movement. Increases concentration and stimulates rapid response mechanism to accelerate performance level. Relaxes, revives, and soothes stressful conditions in both body and mind. Leaves you ready for hiking or dancing! This bath is extra rich in sea salts with essential oils of juniper, cedar and a touch of stimulating oils.
Price: $35.00/30 minutes

antidote-for-the-blues bath therapy
For lack-luster condition within and without. Quiets a restless mind and lifts the spirit. Designed to release toxic waste matter held within, lightening and brightening both tissues and mood. Helps to disperse troubled thoughts, aching head and heart, bringing relaxation and peace. Contains apple pectin, wild honey, sea salts, powdered pearls, and uplifting essential oils.
Price: $35.00/30 minutes

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relaxation center | services offered and descriptions | spa shop