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21 day oral dietary prescription supplement

Medical intake: Determines health markers and risks, provides specifics for the blood testing, oral prescription and administration details.

Blood Testing:

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP): A bio-chemical assessment of general health (ie. Electrolytes, liver, kidney, glucose, serum proteins).
  • C Reactive Protein (CRPS): high sensitive cardiac risk screening.
  • Homocysteine (HMCYS): An indicator if you are likely to have a stroke or MI, and osteoporosis.
  • Complete Blood Count: Measure the various components of your blood. Including white blood cells, red blood cells, HGB, HCT, indicies and platelets.
  • Lipid Panel: Colesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, CHOL/HDL ratio.
  • TSH (Thyroid): This blood test is used to detect problems affecting the thyroid gland.

Private, one hour consultation with our Mental Health Director. Many mental and emotional factors play a roll in weight gain. Often guests, when losing weight, experience intense emotional issues. The opportunity to discuss these issues with a psychologist greatly enhances a persons motivation and reinforces positive behavior.

Private, one hour Microfit Assessment: determines current level of fitness, flexibility, and strength and compares that information with statistics associated with your age and sex. Also included are body fat percentage, weight, and measurements.

Most weight loss programs focus on the physical aspect of weight loss only, concentrating on grueling workouts, tons of sweat, and extreme dietary restrictions. At Green Valley Spa we have learned that long lasting success occurs when you include both the body and the mind. Our unique program not only concentrates on the physical aspects of weight loss but takes a more holistic approach by involving mental and spiritual components.

Scent Therapy - Inhale and Heal: Lara Wright – famous for her “nose” and highly accurate sense of smell, applied psychologist, intuitive, and founder of the Good Medicine organic products and laboratory.

Everyone has an inherent frequency pattern which is discernible, not only to animals but those humans with a developed senses of smell. Lara uses her extraordinary gift of smell to detect her client's unique pattern and the areas where disruption may have occurred. She then combines rare essential oils into an alchemical scent that captures the innate frequency pattern of each person – an original essence to take with them. Calms basic instincts, clarifies emotional upset and mental confusion, making way for new insight and loving relationships. Bring any questions you may have to this session.

Painted Desert Clay Therapy: Removes residue underneath surface layers with poultice-like action, allowing noxious gases caught in the subcutaneous levels to move up and out through the surface. A light brushing technique brighten, firms, and increases skin flexibility and tensile strength.

MindMap - Colors of the Mind: Annalee Allred, Treatment Center director and acclaimed expert in light and its many colors, brings thirty years of research, experience, and a highly-sensitive visual perception (like a digital read-out) to this simple but remarkable developmental process.

She places a series of colors in the outer energy field, she perceives how the frequency patterns engage with the free flow of energy in sequence with our natural inner rhythms (from left to right, right to left). This process disperses unrecognized fears and self-doubt that prevent full expression of self, revealing inherent characteristics of the inner self and how we are uniquely designed to recognize feelings, process thought, and function at an optimum performance level––unveiling our unique inner architecture––our true self, our latent abilities and highest purpose. Afterwards, she prepares an individual rainbow of color for each guest to take away – to mobilize our hidden inner assets.

Private, one hour Life Coaching session: 

Additional spa treatment available on a A La Carté basis:  reward yourself  in our treatment center--choose from over 60 spa services designed to relax both the body and the mind--from traditional therapuetic massage to alternative treatments designed to heal emotional wounds and foster hope for the future. Click here to view a complete list of spa treatments.

Group Sessions and Classes

Daily Guided Hikes: Green Valley is located in the heart of the desert southwest. Red sandstone canyons, sky high monoliths and plateaus provide a picturesque setting for expertly guided hikes that are not only a great workout but an amazing adventure!

Daily Fitness Classes: choose from over 12 exciting fitness classes daily that pump the heart, strengthen and tone the muscles, teach coordination, and provide flexibility. TRX, Zumba, Tai Chi, spin, tread, aquacise, yoga, and many more. Click here to view a full list of our daily classes.

Nutrition and Cooking Classes: learn to cook delicious meals the healthy way, with tips and tricks from our professional culinary staff.

Life Style Lectures: learn from leading experts in the fields of health and wellness--a series of daily lectures that focus on medical, mental, and physical issues that pertain to your overall health.

Daily Meditation session: calm your emotions, lower your heart rate, and explore your spiritual nature with daily guided meditations. Meals

We take the arduous task of cooking out of your hands—leaving no temptation to add ingredients or portions detrimental to your weight loss success. Healthy, yet flavorful--you wont even realize your watching your weight.


Green Valley Spa has been rated 4 Diamond for the last 12 years. Plush feather beds, fire places, oversized tubs, wifi, and the scent of thirty thousand roses--over grown with jasmine and honey suckle. These and other amenities will help make your weight loss journey positively luxurious

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