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Fast Track Weight Loss

Program Overview

Green Valley Spa has been helping people lose weight, get fit, and make healthy lifestyle choices for 22 years. Our professional team of instructors, therapists, chefs, and dietitians have made Green Valley one of the top destinations to lose weight.

Fast Track Weight Loss Protocol - $1,095* for the 23-day protocol. Lose 20 lbs in 3 weeks, guaranteed! Call for details!

*Must be added to a Rejuvenation or All-inclusive Luxury package stay of 7 days or more. Click here to view packages and rates. Since this is a structured program, guests on this program must arrive on a Saturday.

Fast Track Weight Loss Program

The Fast Track Weight Loss Program is for those who want to lose weight quickly and safely with the supervision of our medical, fitness, therapist, and culinary staff. This program has proven to be 100% effective in helping our guests lose more weight, more fat, an more inches FASTER than ANY program they have ever tried in the past. The average weight loss has been a POUND PER DAY and many have lost more. Never in our 22 year history have we seen a 100% success rate for this kind of fat and inches lost.

All of our participants were amazed at their skin tone and the changes to their figures in just three weeks, The problem area fat around the hips, thighs and buttocks, under the arms and chin - all melted away. Their figures were actually reshaped. Friends and family couldn't believe the difference. Here is even more good news. This weight loss method actually resets your metabolism. Your body will have a greater ability to burn excess fat and you WILL NOT GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK. Not only can you lose weight, fat and inches faster and easier than ever before, you can actually keep it off.

Program Average Weight Loss
Weight Watchers 6.6 lbs. per year
Nutrisystem 1 - 2 lbs. per week
Jenny Craig 1 - 2 lbs per week
Green Valley Spa Up to 1 lb. per day and at least 5 lbs. per week

Program Includes

  • Intake health assessment by medical personnel
  • One 30 minute medical consultations / weigh and measure
  • One medical counseling session
  • Blood testing for health issues
  • 3 personal counseling sessions
  • Daily monitoring of progress with Weight Loss Program coordinator
  • Daily administration of hCG
  • Daily fitness classes and hikes
  • Cooking classes and diet guidance
  • Healthy shopping class


Question: Wouldn’t I lose weight anyway if I went on a 500 calorie diet?

Answer: Yes, however, after a few days your body will start shutting down as it goes into survival mode. Weight loss in this mode comes from loss of body fluids, good fat and muscle.

Question: How long is the program?

Answer: It depends on how much weight a participant desires to lose. The first phase of the weight loss cycle is for a minimum of 23 days and no more than 40 days on the drops, followed by a 3 week maintenance phase and a 3 week final phase. If the total weight loss goal has not been achieved during the first weight loss cycle, additional weight loss cycles can be followed until the overall weight loss goal is achieved.

Question: Will I keep the weight off?

Answer: After the HCG protocol, participants generally find their appetite and eating behavior has changed providing the perfect opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle to maintain the lower weight. With the HCG protocol and the lower body weight, the hypothalamus is reset, metabolism is adjusted and eating habits generally have changed. Among many who have followed the HCG protocol, most have had little difficulty maintaining their lower weight.

Question: Why the 500 calorie diet?

Answer: The 500 calorie diet provides the way for HCG to release the calories from abnormal fat stored in the body to meet the daily calories required based on activity level. If a person eats the calories required each day, there would be no need for the body to use the calories it already has stored. Through the protocol, the hypothalamus adjusts the metabolic rate of the body and weight loss occurs through the reduction of abnormal fat. The added benefit of HCG is that it protects the good fat needed to cushion bone structure and organs while releasing the calories stored in the abnormal fat.

Question: What is the hypothalamus gland?

Answer: The hypothalamus gland moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and more importantly, metabolic rate. After successfully completing the HCG protocol, the body will have reset its body set point to a new lower weight. This is one of the great things about HCG. The results are amazing for those who follow the protocol!

Question: Will my birth control methods be affected by using HCG?

Answer: HCG will not interfere with any form of birth control.

Question: Are there any negative side effects with using HCG?

Answer: There are no negative side effects associated with HCG in a medical sense. There are literally positive side effects as participants lose weight and size! A few experience mild headaches or dizziness for the first few days but this is extremely rare. HCG has been used for weight loss for over 50 years. There is plenty of evidence to back up its safety. While there are no known negative side effects with HCG, each participant is encouraged to consult with a health care provider before beginning any diet protocol.

Question: Will the HCG interfere with medications my doctor has prescribed for me?

Answer: HCG has no known negative side effects. Those with sugar diabetes need to watch their sugar/insulin levels because the diet eliminates most sugars. Also, if a person is on steroids or hormone replacement therapy, or has any health concerns, it is always a good idea to consult with your health care professional.

Question: Who can use the diet?

Answer: The protocol works for almost everyone, young, old, male, female. If you have 10 to 100 pounds or more to lose HCG is for you, although the best results occur when Body Mass Index (BMI) value is 20 or higher. Always check with your health care professional before beginning any new weight loss program. Do NOT use HCG if you are pregnant or nursing.

Question: Will I be hungry on 500 calories a day?

Answer: It is common for mild hunger to occur during the first few days, however this will pass. If mild hunger continues, increase the number of drops taken each time. Some find even very small portions of food to be completely satisfying. Some feel that it takes extra effort to eat what is allowed. This is partly due to the hypothalamus adjusting the metabolic rate, but largely due to the amount of nourishment available in the body from the calories being released from abnormal fat.

Question: Does HCG need to be refrigerated?

Answer: Yes. Additionally, HCG should not be exposed to the sun or extreme heat.

Question: How much weight can I expect to lose?

Answer: Weight loss varies between 1/2 and 2 pounds per day, with the average loss being close to 1 to 2 pound per day. Men generally seem to lose weight sooner, but the results are great for both. Actual weight loss depends on the participant and how closely the weight loss protocol is followed. Actual results will vary by participant and the results many have experienced may not be typical. As a participant gets closer to their weight loss goal, and in later weight loss cycles, it may take longer to lose desired weight.

Question: Is it healthy to lose 1-2 pounds a day with HCG?

Answer: While losing 1-2 pounds daily without the use of HCG would be unhealthy, HCG provides a healthy way to lose weight. The weight loss through the use of HCG comes from a reduction of abnormal fat which the body stores but does not need. Abnormal fat is only available when a person has HCG or is close to starvation. HCG protects the good fat needed by the body.

Question: How is HCG administered?

Answer: HCG is sublingual; it is administered in liquid form by placing drops under the tongue for absorption into the soft tissues. 5 drops are placed under the tongue 2 times each day. The key is that the drops should be taken 10 to 15 minutes before the participant drinks any liquids or eats any food.

Question: Are there specific foods I should or should not eat while on the diet?

Answer: Yes! The focus should be on what foods can be eaten and how to prepare them. Any foods consumed should have the fat removed and foods with sugar and starches should be avoided. Acceptable foods and their recommended preparation are provided with each purchase of HCG.

Question: Will my weight loss on HCG be the same as others?

Answer: Actual results will vary by participant and those experienced by others are not typical. It depends on each person, their state of health, what their weight loss goal is and how well they stick to the diet protocol. Actual results have shown improvement in health and lifestyles for those who follow the protocol.


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