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Now sticking to your hCG diet has never been easier. Prepared fresh and sent overnight to your door.

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Program Overview

The Medically Supervised hCG Weight Loss Program requires a 23 day commitment with a minimum of 7 days at Green Valley Spa to help you get started on the program. If you can plan to stay longer your success will be greatly increased. The price for the 23 day Weight Loss Program is $995.00 plus tax and fees and is available on the Total Health & Spa or the Core Wellness packages. View all inclusive package rates.

Prior to Arrival

A week before arrival guests are advised to begin a mild detox program consisting of the following: drink plenty of water, use of a colon cleanse product, eat 1-2 apples and grapefruit daily. While traveling, we recommend apple juice and water before arrival.

Beginning the Program

Arrival Day

Upon check-in you will receive an hour long orientation DVD discussing the diet. You will also receive Dr. Simeons manuscript, "Pounds and Inches". We ask you to peruse this information prior to your examination in the morning. It is very important that you follow the principles of the diet exactly as described in Dr. Simeons' manuscript. It is suggested that you read and re-read, on a daily basis, those parts of the manuscript pertaining to the various stages during your diet.

Upon arrival, each weight loss patient will meet with our program coordinator to answer any questions and review the protocol, which includes:

  • Discussions of daily hCG injection or oral drops
  • Dietary requirements
  • Exercise options while on the program
  • Discussion of acceptable treatments and lotions

A medical history and health evaluation will be performed by our physician, as well as prescribing hCG injections or oral drops, applicable blood tests, and vitamin B-12 injections. A determination of program duration (23 day or 40 day) can be made during this visit.

Meet with the R.N.

Our nursing staff gets each participant started on their first hCG injections or drops and B-12 injections as well as drawing blood for applicable testing. Daily weigh-in and injections are administered 7:00am - 8:00am weekdays, and 11:30am-12:30pm on weekends.

The Dining Room

Each guest is introduced to the Dining Room staff, and served the first of the Weight Loss Protocol meals--the first two days of the program are "high-fat days", followed by the 500 calorie meals as prescribed by Dr. Simeons.

Daily Fitness Activities

We strongly recommend that guests participate in the daily guided hikes, and the numerous available fitness class options.

Private Consultations

Each guest receives three private consultations offered as a means to help them succeed in their weight loss goals.

Fitness Assessment

Our program coordinator will provide a fitness assessment which includes: body weight and measure, body fat percentage, muscle strength test, cardiovascular test, flexibility test, and bone density test (for women only).


An innovative approach designed to reduce stress, improve performance, increase awareness and intelligence, create better relationships and learn how to ride the waves of change with more poise and grace. See for yourself just how a change of heart changes everything.

Mind Mapping

The minds is always reflected in the body, thus, observing the body is a pathway that reveals inherent characteristics of the inner-self and how it is naturally designed to recognize feelings and process thought. This color process can provide an access to unrecognized fears and self-doubts that prevent the highest expression of self.

Workshops and Lectures

A number of workshops and lectures have been prepared by our staff to help support our guests through the program as well prepare them to succeed after they return home.

Cooking Class and Demonstration

This cooking class will teach you exciting ways to enhance your dining experience while following the Simeons Protocol. This class will be applicable to both the inexperienced and seasoned cook.You will learn how to shop and explore with different spices and cooking techniques. This will help ensure that each meal is a memorable gourmet experience at home.

Sensible Fitness: Designing a Fitness Program for Life

Fitness is not an event, it is a way of life. When someone says, "I need to get in shape," or, "I need to get fit," it has the feeling of "Once I get there I can stop." True fitness is about activities and involvement for a lifetime. This continual activity and lifestyle will allow you to enjoy all the fullness life has to offer. A successful fitness program for you must be designed to fit your particular lifestyle.

HCG Nutrition Class

A discussion on the aspects of diet, proper nutrition, correct and safe eating, and finding the truth amidst the food advertising bombardments. What 6 nutrients our bodies require to be healthy and strong, reading food labels (what they are telling us and what they are not), and ppropriate serving sizes are also discussed.

HCG and Weight Management

A focused discussion about understanding the principles involved and the importance of following the Simeons' hCG Protocol, Principles of his theory, causes of weight gain, details of the program, areas for pitfalls revealed, and life after hCG.

Your Body Structure

An understanding of genetic characteristics, such as hair color, bone structure, skin tone and other physical features. You will learn how your anatomical makeup determines which cardio exercise and strength training, and the duration of each, will help you maximize your physical fitness routine.

Tools for Emotional Eating Trigger

Learning to let go of cravings that don't serve your health. A discussion of cravings and how these cravings make us feel. Instructions in learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), an effective tool in battling addiction, weight issues, disease, trauma, and more.

hCG Meals To Go

A major problem for many Americans seeking to lose weight and get fit, is finding the time to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

The hCG dietary restrictions don't have to leave you feeling hungry and dissatisfied. Our professional culinary staff has created an entire 23 day menu of hCG meals. For those who prefer to cook for themselves, our "23 Day hCG Menu Plan" is the perfect kitchen companion.

If cooking is not your thing, or maybe time restraints make preparing meals difficult, you can order pre-packaged hCG meals from our kitchen and have them sent directly to your home. Click here to learn more about hCG Meals To Go.

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