Fitness Instruction

Fitness that Fits Your Life

With decades of fitness instruction experience, Green Valley’s professional fitness staff will help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and aerobic endurance through personalized and group hands-on training. At every step of the way, they’ll be there to provide safe, expert instruction; ideas that work with your level of fitness and lifestyle; and inspiration that will last well beyond your Green Valley stay.

Absolutely Abs

An intense workout focused on abdominal and back muscles. Often incorporates the fit ball.


Movements, stretching and toning using the “no impact” resistance of water.

Cardio Boxing

Challenging cardio workout using basic boxing moves with hanging boxing bags.

Cardio La Cha Cha

A fun total body workout using the basic dance moves from the Latin Merengue, Salsa, and Samba dances.

Circuit Power Board

Uses a powerboard, which is a combination of a step platform and minitramp (trampoline),  combined with weight machines for a total body burn.

Circuit Training

Interval training using a range of equipment and movements targeting all major muscle groups.

Fun with Fitball

Cardio, toning, stretching and balance using a fitball.

Mat Pilates

Strengthens and lengthens muscles, tones, and increases flexibility without machines. Focuses on body core (abdominals and back).

Power Yoga

Based on a Vinyasa (flow) style of yoga, a more vigorous and active practice using an Ashtanga-based sun salutation series. Draws on strength and endurance as well as flexibility.

“Spin” Reebok™ Cycle

Uses imagery to enjoy a “spinning” bike ride while getting a challenging workout. Customized for all levels.

Step Circuit

Basic step movements for all levels using a step platform. Incorporates various weights for strength.

Stretch and Basic Yoga

Slow and full stretching combined with basic yoga positions.

Strength and Resistance Training 

Use our weight equipment to learn how to design your own strength and resistance training program.

Tai Chi

Interaction of the Ying and Yang in the body, mind and spirit through easy and precise movements. Improves balance and increases energy.

Total Body Conditioning

Muscle strengthening and toning from head to toe using weights and resistance tubing.

Upper Body Conditioning

A total upper body workout using resistance tubing and weights to strengthen and tone shoulders, arms, and back.